Abuse of dogs

/March 2023


I quarreled with her yesterday. This is not the first time, and it should not be the last. The reason for the quarrel can simply be attributed to my failure to keep my promise. I promised her in the morning that we would play games together in the evening, but in the evening I said, "Sorry, I haven't finished my work yet."

she told me no less than three times, "then I'll go and play alone."

but I didn't respond, and I didn't even notice that she said, "what's wrong with you just play one game with me?"

in stories, men are always stupid, while girls are used to "half-speaking" as always. We are no exception, although we think that we have strong emergency response capacity, but when it comes to this situation, no matter how many times it is, we still have to suffer.

in the end, we broke up in discord, because I thought work was more important, and without it, there would be no future, and what she wanted to say was, "do you know you kept me waiting all day?" No one is right or wrong, because the two people are no longer arguing about the same thing.

I think most people need to know that "love should understand each other", but at times like this, we still can't "understand each other", because when two people look at things differently, it's hard to convince the other person to agree with you.

so whether it is a cold war or a cold war, quarrelling or quarrelling does not make us quarrel less because we really understand certain "theorems" or "reasons".


I once wanted to write an article entitled "how many" hard times have we spent together in the three years of dating? " But no matter how I conceive it, it doesn't seem to be a truly "educational" article, because in this three-year relationship, "sweet" often appears at the same time as "difficult". I am afraid that if I write it out, people will only scold me for "abusing dogs again" and ignore the views I want to express.

just like three years ago, I was a silly freshman. At that time, I was stupid, and I didn't know anything except to play LOL. So in the first semester of my freshman year, I formed a temporary team with several people I didn't know in the campus forum to take part in our school's LOL competition.

the day of the race was Saturday, and Vivi came to me by bus for two hours. By the time I arrived, I had already started fighting. She didn't blame me for not going down to pick her up and asked her to find the unbeautiful Internet bar by navigation alone. That morning, she stood behind me silently, watching me play for three whole hours.

one of the games was so hard that we destroyed each other in the last wave, and we began to cheer when we rushed to the enemy base. I looked back at her and found that she was so nervous that she grabbed her hand. She asked me, "did you win?"

I said I won.

she just joined us in cheering, and her eyes were full of admiration for me, as if we won that game for her

and finally we reached the semi-finals, which also meant that we still had to go back to the Internet bar in the afternoon. She and I found a western restaurant for lunch. When ordering food, I said, "you can order whatever you want, and I will win the meal money back in the afternoon finals."

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she flipped through the menu, finally ordered more than 30 baked spaghetti, and then said, "it's all right. I'll have a little lunch until I win."

I made a secret decision and said to myself, "you must win."

as a result, he lost, and he lost the first game of the semifinals.

when I left the Internet bar, I had already lost my ambition when I came in. Although I was still holding hands with her, there was a feeling that she was holding me. She said, "it doesn't matter. If you lose, you lose."

I took the twenty yuan divided down, which is the bonus of the fourth place divided by five.

I'm looking for my sister on Wechat, and she knows I'm going to race that day. I said, "Sister, I have no money." Then I received two hundred yuan from my sister.

I said to her, "Let's go and have western food."

she said, "OK, let's aa."

I was afraid to answer and pretended to have forgotten the promise I had made at noon. But when I finally paid, I gritted my teeth and said, "Fat woman, I'd better pay."

"No." She said with a smile.

I said it again, but she still said no. When the third time, she stopped smiling and became serious.

I touched her head and said, "Let me pay."


after dinner, we walked for half an hour to save seven yuan in taxi fare, and I took a lot of ugly pictures of her on the way. The two people fight all the way, forget about winning or losing, and only see each other.

as you can see, those sweet moments often happen in difficult times.


when I was browsing through the background messages recently, I saw a reader send us three of the same messages in succession: "Zhang Jingzhi, why haven't you abused your dog recently?"

I didn't expect that someone should make such an unreasonable request, but as soon as I softened my heart, I decided to satisfy that reader and wrote this article today.

but at this point, I want to say one more thing. These days I have nothing to do to go through my chat with Vivi and find that since September, our conversation has not only two people's daily life, but also complaints about our current job. Even on some days, resentment against work accounts for a large proportion.

because Vivi meets a bad boss, he is unskilled, has a bad attitude, and often plays childish tricks. But every time she scolded him with me, I didn't know what to do, because I knew the best way was the sentence:

"I'll keep you."

but I don't want to keep her.Because I don't want her to be attached to me, or even to anyone. I've seen a lot of bad stories, so I don't believe I can protect her all my life. I think she has the ability to protect herself.

only with this can she have real freedom.

actually, I was a scumbag before I met her.

when I can't sleep because of the repetition of writing, only she will come to me and say, "I'm worried about you." It's not because you can't write well, but because you can write very well, but you say you can't write well. "

it is because of her unprovoked trust that I have been able to slowly, step by step, become the thorn who can make a living by writing.

so today, I want to tell her through words: "it's all right. I'm sure you can do it."

just like you did to me, good night.

I suddenly remembered that once, because she was in a bad mood, I immediately packed my things and rushed home to comfort her. When he got to her door, he called her and said, "come on down. I haven't eaten yet." I thought it would be a romantic scene, but when she came downstairs, she was smoking a big garbage bag. I said, "Damn it, I was going to say a hug, but a fart like that."

in this way, the two men laughed for almost half an hour. During the meal, she asked me, "I have to go back to class tomorrow. Is it no trouble?"

"Love is sweet precisely because it is troublesome, idiot."