Don't be deceived by emotion again.

/March 2023


A few days ago, Chen shameless and I went to an Indian restaurant to eat Southeast Asian food. Because the boss and chef are all Indian, we are looking forward to the authentic Indian flavor.

when the meal comes up, it is very delicate, the plate is meticulous and good-looking, and the color of green curry is also very attractive. When I took a bite, the dish was so salty that my face was deformed.

Chen and I didn't look at each other and secretly used Chaoshan to say that this store is so expensive and so untasty, how on earth did we get here?

but when the boss came over enthusiastically and asked me if I was delicious in English, Chen shamelessly and I replied that it was very good and delicious.

in order not to hurt anyone, we covered up the truth. I said, "sometimes people don't like to hear the truth and would rather be cheated."


until a few days ago, a mother committed suicide with her two children in her arms because she was desperate for her family. At the beginning of this popular Weibo post, everyone felt sorry for the mother and expressed their sympathy and blessing.

me too.

halfway through the brush, I saw a very simple stationery: "Why does everyone care about their mother?" But no one feels sorry for the child killed by his mother? "

my brain was slammed through at that moment, and I was horrified to see the truth that my mother was actually a poor murderer.

what is more frightening is that this truth has no disguise, it is always in front of me, but if no one tells it, I will only feel that the mother is a poor person.

I began to ask myself what clouded my judgment so that I could not see the truth in front of me.

A singer was blocked by a large number of netizens because of "political" problems. Under an unfounded Weibo post, the top comment went so far as to be: "it turns out that he supports secession, ah, good ban, there is no idol in front of the country!"

the most dazzling thing is that the related headline at the bottom of Weibo is a good article explaining that the singer is not a separatist, but the truth is ignored.

once someone tries to use logic to restore the truth, they will be overwhelmed by a large number of blabla like "you are unpatriotic" and "there is no idol in front of the country".

I gasped and thought of myself. I can only see that the mother is pitiful, because the written description of the mother is despair, and the feeling of sympathy obscures my judgment at that moment.

the opponent of truth is not a lie at all, ignorance and surging emotion is. The so-called deceiving feelings, in fact, emotions deceive you.


back to the sentence at the beginning: "sometimes people don't like to hear the truth and would rather be cheated." Is this sentence true? Yeah, that's right.

but the premise of being willing to be deceived is that you need to know where the truth is, where it is, and why you are willing to be fooled.

Jiang Taigong goes fishing, the volunteers hook up and the stupid hook, the result is the same, but the meaning behind it is not the same.

does the Indian boss know that the cooking is too salty? Not necessarily, maybe the taste buds of Indians are more mouthful. He, who can't see the truth at this time, may wonder why his passenger traffic is getting smaller and smaller.

in many cases, even if the truth is in front of us, we may not be able to see it. We need someone to open up the truth like "poor murderer".

but people are extremely easy to be deceived by their own emotions and use their own emotions to confront the truth.

the "murderer" comment is filled with countless responses: "you are not the mother who loves your child, you are not qualified to say that." "people work so hard and are dead, why don't you say something nice?"

are emotions such as love and hard work really enough to cover up the truth?


someone asked me, what if you tell the truth? nothing can be changed.

in the article on haze, some people say this, the decadent people who write about college say so, the selfish people who write about love say so, people seem to be dismissive of the truth.

has a gay friend, he said: 2006, homosexuality in China's situation is extremely difficult, ten years later, when we see the truth of homosexuality, although it is still very difficult, but the situation is a little better.

some singers are hit by the truth made up by emotion for no reason to withdraw the show, the song is off the shelves and banned. At this time, is the truth really not important?

if we want to change a problem, we must first see where the essence of the problem lies, which is the significance and necessity of finding the truth.

someone has to push, someone has to say, everyone is bad together, it's not good at all.


when I was writing about the student organization, Zhang Jingshi advised me many times that Zepeng should stop writing, some people just can't understand it, and some people just keep scolding. I said I didn't believe in this evil, and when the article was sent out, I did.

I only slept for four hours that day, but I was in low spirits when I rushed to Guangzhou to take part in the event the next day. I still replied to some logical readers backstage, hoping to let them escape the limitations of their feelings and see what was said in the article.

many people replied backstage that emotion is the greatest gain. I replied: "as a student organization, after quitting, the greatest gain is a family-like partner, ironic or not?"

the government units have not tried their best to do a good job. In reply, our unit has a good relationship. Do the people pay the bill?

but even so, there are still ridicule and abuse. Lao Yan said I was stupid, how good it is to write about love, you are the mostWhat is good at writing is love, and no one will scold you.

I sighed and said that I would not discuss student organizations and sensitive topics in the future. That night I posted a Weibo message saying I was sorry. I didn't expect the power of emotion to be so terrible.

pulling the truth out of the surroundings of emotions is tantamount to making enemies of thousands of ignorant and surging emotions. I have to admit that in the face of such a ferocious wave, there was a moment when I thought of flinching.


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I just didn't expect that in all the responses received by Weibo the next day, there was no one to discuss right and wrong, and everyone told me not to be sad. In the evening, I even received long messages from readers saying thank you and comforting me.

at that moment, all the emotions brought about by backstage abuse were suddenly swept away because of the cold weather, lack of sleep and backstage abuse. Lao Yan laughed at my foolishness and then said, "you write, I won't persuade you." But since you want to tear apart what you think is the truth, you have to bear the pressure of camouflage. "

I didn't say anything. I glanced at the first comment in the comment "what have you learned in the student organization over the past semester?"how many people want to forward it to moments but dare not?" More than 800 people liked this comment, which is the highest one I have received so far.

this is enough.

the truth of some emotional packages needs to be torn apart. I know someone behind it can understand it. I know that I have written what some people are afraid to say. I know that someone has really got something out of it. That's enough.

against the tide of emotion, there are too many bones on the road to the truth. I am not so strong, and I once wanted to turn around and walk away. But because of you, I have the courage to carry on, those want to tear but do not dare to tear, do not know how to tear the camouflage, I will.

really, thank you for letting me stop being afraid of being torn to pieces. Good night.