What did you learn from the student organization at the end of the semester?

/March 2023

when I first entered college, I was startled by the huge team organized by the students who went to the interview, so I anxiously pulled up a few good friends and ran to follow the trend of the interview, even though I didn't even know what the organization was doing.

that's what everyone said at that time: universities can learn a lot from entering the student department and improve themselves.

of course, there are also people who didn't go to the interview, such as knowing his good friend Lao Yan from junior high school-he went on a trip to Wuhan shortly after the start of school and missed the interview time organized by the students when he came back.

after I finished a big activity in the department, I finally had some free time, so I called Lao Yan to go out for midnight snacks.

at the dinner table, I said to Lao Yan, "you really should join the student department. I think I have made great progress in a month."

the old man gave me a blank look and said faintly, "but I don't see how much you have improved."

this sentence blocked my eyes, so I drew how many sponsors for the department's activities, how many posters were sent, and how many readings were pushed to him one by one.

who knows that Lao Yan is still expressionless, but the words that come out of his mouth become extremely fierce: "is the sponsorship you get, the number of posters you send out, and the reading volume you push because of you or because the students organize this platform?" If someone else does the same job, will the result change much? What exactly is your value?

"platform is not equal to strength." He took a deep look at me.

I scolded him with disdain, and then changed the subject, but I was vaguely uneasy at the bottom of my heart.

during the winter vacation of my freshman year, after having dinner with my high school classmates, I sighed with Lao Yan, "the first semester of college has passed like this, so fast."

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after shrugging and chatting, Lao Yan suddenly asked me, "have you been too comfortable this semester?"

when I hear this, I immediately explode. I only sleep five or six hours a day, and even write planning and preparatory activities in front of the computer. You may say that I don't know how to plan time, but why do you say I am comfortable?

when I was about to lose my temper, I saw Lao Yan staring directly at me. I don't know why he lost his breath and asked him what he wanted to say.

"Yes, I know you work very hard and hard in the department every day. But don't you think you're just doing something very tired rather than difficult?

"I asked you at that time, what is your value? A semester has passed, have you really found your own value? Or are you not looking for your own worth at all? "

"how many people did your flyer attract to the event? How much of the sponsorship you pull depends on you rather than the platform behind you? How many people have retweeted your activity tweets besides those from your own department? "

when Lao Yan finished these words, all my anger dissipated completely. I thought about it for a long time, and finally had to admit that what Lao Yan said was right: this semester, I lived too comfortably.

comfort does not mean whether you are in a difficult situation, but whether your environment is difficult or not.

I use busyness and tiredness to paralyze my mind and pretend to be making progress. In fact, I have been hiding in the comfort zone.

I began to realize that if progress means getting tired, it's too easy.

towards the end of my freshman year, several friends who participated in the student organization and I discussed the future of the department while taking a walk and eating midnight snacks.

I said I'm not staying. I'm not a person with strong self-control. I'm going to a dangerous environment to force myself to work hard and make progress.

A Yi said she wanted to stay because all the partners in the department had a good time, doing activities, eating and playing together. She said that what asked her to stay was not the job in that department, but the group of people.

after about half a year, I chatted with Yi and asked her how was the work of the department? Who knew she sighed and counted all the problems in her department this semester.

she said that her department had a good time, but as soon as it came to work, everyone looked for reasons to disappear. There are many things and activities that can be done better, but we don't know why she keeps repeating the work of the previous year, and she can't see the progress of the whole team.

I said, "you know how to change, why not do it?" Yi sighed and said that he was too tired, and everyone did. I asked her if she wasn't tired now, but she didn't speak.

in order to write this article, I went to ask Yi: "do you have any dissatisfaction with yourself when you work in the student organization?" Yi said a lot, what communication is not good enough and so on blabla.

in the end, she said: "in fact, the student department is a platform for me to keep challenging and trial and error, but I wasted it." At that time, I should have tried to change. "

A few days ago, when he had dinner with a friend who was a counselor and talked about the student organization, he was heartbroken and said, "Today's student organization is fragile and sensitive, so you can't say anything bad." Only look at the immediate disregard of the overall situation, with details to determine success or failure to cover up all short-sightedness.

"if you are garbage, after you have done all the details, you are just a delicate piece of garbage."

I was afraid to speak nearby, and it was all me he scolded.

I never hide my hatred for the student organization. The hate here is the hatred that iron is not steel. I like to participate in various school activities. I have participated in seven of the ten schools in the university town. I have seen all kinds of student organizations, some good and some bad.

but I have to admit that most people in student organizationsLike me at the beginning, I regard the platform as my strength, my tiredness as my progress, and my feelings as an excuse.

these people keep reminding me that you were like this before, even now. So I can't wait for them to make progress and get better, so maybe I'll feel a little better about what I didn't do at that time.

my sister joined two student organizations when she went to college and worked very hard. At the end of the first semester, I asked her what the student organization had taught her.

-"I suddenly find myself pretty good."

-"I asked you what you learned."

-"… I learned discipline and communicated with blabla

-"that's what you said the first month I asked you."


-"after a semester has passed, what have you learned in the student organization?"