Campus bullying when young, Internet mob when growing up.

/March 2023

I don't know why, but when I was browsing Weibo today, I suddenly thought of the past. I had a lot of feelings, and I'd like to share it with you.

when I was in the first year of junior high school, a borrowing girl named Xiaoxuan came to the class. When she introduced herself on the podium, she attracted the attention of the whole class.

she is a girl who transferred from the north. She is witty-looking, with a whine voice and a rare standard Mandarin.

but I think the most important thing is that she wore a bright red bra that day, which kept everyone's eyes pinned to her even though she was hidden under a white school uniform.

you know that at that age, most girls still wear the kind of vest with a knot tied around the back of their neck.

so before long, the attitude of the whole class towards her appeared a two-level polarization. On the one hand, the boys in the class always wanted to get close to her and play with her, on the other hand, most girls do not want to be friends with Xiao Xuan, or dare not.

because I don't know when, the most active group of girls in the class began to object to Xiao Xuan, secretly spreading all kinds of bad things about her, such as calling her a "mainlander" and calling her a "bitch".

according to them, the original reason is that Xiao Xuan may have cheated in the monthly exam and tried to swindle the scholarship.

until near the end of the term, Xiao Xuan was selected by the head teacher as a three-good student, which directly touched the emotional G-spot of the small groups.

they first set up a qq group called "hate Xuan to the bone", and then wrote the reasons and stories about why they hate Xiao Xuan on a notebook with the words "hate Xuan to the bone" on the cover.

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even the girls in small groups even put out words: "this kind of garbage should get out of Class 4. Whoever makes friends with her is the anti-bone boy in the class."

and at that time, the class was very boring, and the circulation of the notebook "hate Xuan to the Bone" became the greatest fun in the whole class. It was written something like this:

1. "he wears a different coat every day and pretends to be a whine when he speaks. He looks like a slut."

2. "as soon as she transferred to another school, she was at the top of the class. She must feel very good and look down on us. I guess she still cheated."

3. "the last time she told me that her father would drive her home on the weekend, she showed off and ended up taking the bus alone with her luggage. it was funny."

4. "my boobs are so big that they must have been touched by a lot of boys."

when an individual stands at the forefront of the wind and waves, there is no reason to be excluded, even if there is a so-called reason, there is no logic at all.

at that time, whether it is beautiful or not good-looking, the grades are too good or too poor, and the family has money or no money, it may be the reason for a person to be hacked.

later, things became more and more absurd. More and more members of the group "hated Xuan to the bone", and even many students from other classes joined, and the number items in that notebook had been broken. What's written on it has become more bizarre and ugly:

102. "I heard that Xiao Xuan's mother divorced her father because her mother was found to be a prostitute."

103. "later, Xiao Xuan lived with her father and also with her father OOXX."

what happened at that time was that almost everyone was scrambling to write "hate Xuan to the Bone", and some people kept circulating their works, and in the end, the notebook showed a lot of details of sex. it's completely turned into a little yellow book.

the problem is that a large number of people inside have not said a word to Xiao Xuan at all, let alone know anything about her, but they are still keen on Heixiao Xuan, as if Xiao Xuan has some kind of feud with them.

I remember that one day Xiao Xuan brought several boxes of chocolates from home and asked the teacher to share them with the class, which was intended to be nice to the opponents, but it didn't help at all.

it's just another item in the notebook that "hates Xuan to the bone": "bringing so many chocolates is not only to show off your wealth, but also to show it to the teacher on purpose."

what scares me most in this matter is that when there are more and more isolated individuals, no matter what that individual does, the whole group will object only for the sake of opposition, for the sake of being black and black. There is no reason at all.

they do not need reason or logic, they just need to stand on the side of the large number of people in the matter of "opposition" and put on a cover similar to "collective honor" to obtain the double guarantee of sense of security and sense of superiority.

later, Xiao Xuan transferred to another school, and there was no more intersection with my world, and this matter was gradually forgotten by people, as if it was just a farce without any responsibility.

in fact, I'm not sure whether Xiao Xuan cheated at first, because no one can come up with concrete evidence to persuade me to join the camp of blaming her.

but what I can be sure of is that 80% of people don't know what's going on and just use her and it as an excuse for partying.

I have always blamed this phenomenon on young people's ignorance, but now it seems that in the underage world, it may just be campus bullying, but when these bullies grow up, they still do the same thing.

Qiao Renliang was abused by these people when he was alive, and after his death, he went to Chen Qiaoen and scolded on Weibo without knowing the truth. People who didn't even know where the Diaoyu Islands were smashing Japanese cars on the street, and people who couldn't even say the full name of "Occupy Central" were the crazy best part on Weibo. Did we see less?

is like "Pinocchio"If a dog barks, other dogs in the village will bark too-though they may not know why. "

I have never been a docile person. I love rebellion, and I will voice opposition to things I don't like, or even hack it.

but before that, I must ask myself a thousand times: "do you really know the truth?" What are you opposing for? Is your objection untenable? "

if not, I would rather lose my voice all my life than be an aimless dog.

I hope you really understand what I'm talking about. Good night.