Do you still believe in constellations?

/March 2023

when I saw the video "I want to know about the constellation" all over the moments, the first figure that came to my mind was Yunzi.

Yunzi has fallen into the constellation pit since junior high school. at that time, she never left her constellation, and Qzone was all filled with things related to constellations.

but at that age, I scoffed at it. Every time she talked to me about constellations, I always used various ways to prove to her that it was "unscientific".

for example, tell Capricorn Clouds some of Capricorn's easiest mistakes: "they hate any bondage, they can never stay the same, they always dare to do it and have a lot of action, but they enjoy love and enjoy the feeling of contact with the opposite sex, so they appear to be very selfish, which is a mistake they often make in love."

wait for her to say to me in surprise, "Oh, my God, I always make this mistake." then say to her, "Oh, I was wrong. What I just read is the most common mistake made by Sagittarius."

or say to her painstakingly: "if you look at the things written in the horoscope books, they are all human commonalities. Everyone will have a little bit of this character. When the skin of different constellations is slightly mentioned, you will think that it is your personality." Don't believe all that nonsense, it looks super stupid. "

for a long time after that, Yunzi never mentioned the word "constellation" in front of me again, which made me feel more superior and felt that I was on the side of truth.

until later, I fell in love with a girl unilaterally, and like many people, I was "pussy" when I fell in love with someone.

when chatting, I ask too many questions for fear of being felt that I am checking my hukou, that I am too concerned about being seen through my thoughts, and that even the content of the chat should be carefully considered to find some interesting but innocuous topics.

because of this, apart from her circle of friends, I have no chance to get to know her at all.

at the beginning, I dared not even ask her birthday, let alone emotional things, and it was a bit funny that I finally asked her about her birthday, which was the star sign I had always disdained most.

ever since I learned that she is a Pisces, it's like I grabbed a rare lifeline and started secretly reading things like "how to make Pisces like you" on Weibo. When following such bloggers, I don't forget to check the option of "secretly follow".

in fact, at that time, how could I not know that most of what I saw could be put on everyone?

but in order to have more conversation with her, I still memorized those contents.

but in the end, those constellation theories didn't come in handy, and the girl was still with a boy who didn't believe in horoscopes. But now we can see that the constellation, which has been criticized by people, should not always be belittled.

because I realized that my biggest change during that time was that after I took "be gentle and patient with Pisces" as my creed, the restless and impatient part of my body became less and less, gradually correcting some deficiencies in my character.

sounds funny, but who doesn't need to be gentle and patient? But this approach will promote your change on some level, which probably counts as the power of superstition.

another example, Yunzi, when she finds that her peach blossoms are prosperous this week, she will take the initiative to pursue the boy she likes; when she knows that she may lose money this week, she will think carefully when she pulls out her wallet and is ready to spend money; when she is lovelorn and loses her purse at the same time within a month, she has the excuse of "water reverse" to ease her bad mood. The day when the water ended, it gave her another reason to beat the chicken blood for herself, and she had the drive to do everything.

have you found that even if all this sounds absurd and unscientific, it has sometimes become a belief in people's hearts, imperceptibly guiding people to live in a better direction.

this is a bit like the religion that people believe in in life. No one has ever been able to prove that the teachings of "accumulating virtue and doing good to bliss" and "going to heaven without sin after death" are scientific, but most people still respect them, whether they believe in them or not.

because we all know that they lead believers to live better without hurting others. Why not?

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as I grow up, the more I understand one thing: not everything in the world is black and white, right or wrong.

people who believe in horoscopes may not know that horoscopes are unscientific, and they may not all believe in horoscopes. They usually automatically ignore those bad words and will not break up immediately because it says "Scorpio and Sagittarius don't get along" in the zodiac book.

choose to believe in horoscopes, just because life is always a little bad right now, so you need to find some good sustenance and believe what you want to hear. On the other hand, the images of "reverse water" and "koi" bear most of our dissatisfaction with life, giving our negative emotions a place to go.

of course, we still can't use the constellation as a criterion for judging others, it's just a sustenance. Once you cross the line, you will lose the original beauty.

good night.