How can we warm a person?

/March 2023

actually, I haven't played Weibo since I graduated from high school. The reason is simple: everyone around you went to Wechat moments, no one will comment on your Weibo, and no one will be there to show how he is doing.

just as we miss the high school dormitory very much, of course it is not because the dormitory is air-conditioned, but because of the group of roommates.

all my friends are gone, and it doesn't make sense for that person to stay there.

but I recently downloaded Weibo again and opened it no less than five times a day. But this time it's not because my friends are back on Weibo, but because I've found a new group of friends, namely, disorganized readers.

although I don't reply to other people's private messages every time, to be honest, it's warm to see other people's messages on Weibo, especially when the weather gets cold.

thanks to the 2289 readers who follow me and are willing to share some rare warmth with me in a rare winter. (although I know that most of you are here because of green bags)

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finally, of course, this article should not end so hastily. I replied to a reader's question on Weibo before, which I thought was very interesting, so I sent a side tweet today to share with you.

@ Anonymous readers ask:

how does it mean to know a person?

if you know what she likes to eat, her habits, etc., how can you get to know each other if you can't go out often, can't see each other often, don't have a lot of opportunities to know each other so much but have a good and important relationship? Or how should we get to know each other?

@ Zhang Jingzhi answer:

how to know a person.

how about talking to him first? Of course it's not the kind of "what do you usually do" chat. It's a chat of "what kind of person would you like to be if you had a choice?" because if you want to know someone, you first know what kind of person he wants to be.

then learn about his "missing" from his "expectations". Because we want what we care about.

if you want to go one step further, think about why he is "missing" these things. Is it because of the growing environment? Former? Friends? Or is it because of his experience?

when you get here, you should be able to "get to know" each other very well. But remember one more thing, to know a person is not to "take advantage of emptiness", but to share his "happiness" and "sorrow" with him.

@ Anonymous reader asks:

then I also want to ask, how can I warm a person?

@ Zhang Jingshi replied:

if you want to warm others, the first thing you need to pay attention to is "take actions to warm others."

Don't forget to think that you can warm each other with words. Because who would want to hear you talk about life philosophy when you are sad?

so if a person is really sad and you want the other person to "get better", turn all your greetings into action.

for example:

change "drink plenty of hot water" into "I made you brown sugar water".

change "remember to wear more clothes when it's cold in winter" to "I'm not cold. I'll lend you this scarf first".

change "Don't cry" into "if you really want to cry, I'll stay with you".

I have a better idea. If you want to warm someone, you can just hug each other. Because warm others, in fact, is to share their own temperature with each other, so that the cold of him, because of himself and become warmer.

but there is a premise that the other person must be willing to accept your warmth, otherwise, I am afraid you will die miserably.

all right, class is over.

good night.