I listened to this song 100 times in NetEase Yun that day, but no one knew.

/March 2023

I was woken up by a message near 11:00. I received a screenshot on Wechat with the title "NetEase Yun Music knows me best in 2016!" ", and the picture says," December 10, 2016, is probably a very special day. On this day, you listened to Lin Erwen's "you alone are irreplaceable" 52 times.

when I saw this picture, I sat by the bed and froze for a moment. I recalled that one early morning in December, on the dewy bus platform, I opened the daily recommendation of NetYiYun. The first song was Lin Erwen's version of "you alone are irreplaceable." this is not the first time I have heard this song, but the wonderful thing is that I opened the daily recommendation that day, and this song coincided with the mood at that time.

I shared it because of the monologue at the beginning. Lin Erwen gave a concert called "Concert for the past". In this album, only this live version of "you alone is irreplaceable", not to bid farewell to her predecessor, because she said this paragraph at the beginning of her monologue--

"No matter how many mistakes and how many right we have loved, it may be for someone and meet someone. It doesn't matter, the most important thing is that once this right person appears, you have promised yourself that you will never have an ex again, at least this person can not become an ex. "

I shared the song in the early morning of December 10 and didn't get a reply. Today, a month later, I received a reply, a picture like this, and he listened to the song 52 times that day.

when Avon opened the annual statistics of NetEYun, she found that what she heard most was her sister's "lying Love Song" 141 times. This song is something special. When you take off the headphones in your right ear, you hear love words. When you take off the headphones in your left ear, what you hear is a lie.

in the left ear, Zhang Xiaohou sang "I will never betray you, I will never be separated from each other"; in the right ear, Qin Hao said, "one day I will abandon you, or you will abandon me first."

she has forgotten what she was doing at that time, but she remembers the mood of listening to this song.

she came out of the cinema with her boyfriend that night. On the way, both of them were wearing headphones and did not speak. One of them leaned against one side of the window. When she looked back, she saw each other's shrimp music interface, which showed that Lin Yoga was "naive and evil".

the song is "do you know the cruelest thing you've ever done to me is that you turned me into an adult overnight?" she knew it was his "Song of the Old Lover". The movie about his ex reminded him of his spare experience. It wasn't the first time they broke up when they got home that day.

she said that because Yoga Lin, on May Day, only Xiami Music owns the rights to hebe songs, the ranking of songs he is used to listening to has not been updated since then.

", the furthest distance in the world is probably that when I guessed his mind with NetEase Yun, he kept on thinking about his old lover with shrimp music."

she shared the annual statistics with her moments today. I saw that on August 27, she listened to the song 141 times. It said, this day must be special for you.

NetEase Yun Music in addition to "Daily recommendation" and "Music ranking", there is also a comment area. NetEyun's comment area is more like a pirated story meeting. What you can't say when you share a song on Weibo on moments can be more frank in the comment area.

the advantage of NetEase Yun music is that they can see the people you follow, they can see the songs you are listening to, but they have no way to see which songs you have commented on. At the same time, the good thing is that from time to time, strangers will like your messages, and when your messages are selected, it feels as if your story has been affirmed and listened to.

the night before last, I commented on Eason Chan's "how good it is to be alive".

"I told a friend that there was a super meteor shower tonight, which may be a high period of suicide. I said, if I die, it will be broadcast at the funeral. Before I finished typing, he answered "how good it is to be alive". I looked at half of the 'alive more' on my cell phone and smiled bitterly. I was a little moved that such a little thing could suppress my mood all night and settle down. "

in fact, I know that no one will see it, and this friend will not realize that I am moved. Such nasty words are not suitable to appear in such a friendship, but when I say it in the comment area, it seems that those who are moved and happy, those who are sad, regret, have an outlet to express.

just like today, I can't remember why I listened to that song more than a hundred times a day. It sounds crazy. I'm tired of that song now, but I will remember my emotions, what happened to me, the lyrics I copied, the way I went.

because of the emotions and thoughts of others at that time, over the course of a year, I found that it was only left to me, not about anyone. As said in begin again, I like music only because it is the most common scene in our lives.

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in 2016, we end with this familiar and unfamiliar song, and then we will cycle new ideas to the top of the list again and again in the afternoon and late at night.

Why did you listen to this song 100 times that day? even if I knew, you wouldn't know. Maybe you never have to know.

finally. Share once wrote and recorded such a clip in moments-- he sent me a song on the day of

. Yu Jiayun's "I think", he said it was his first song today, and it was very much in line with his mood at the moment.

I called last night.With a daily recommendation, the first song appeared, Yu Jiayun's "and you".

Today, we opened the daily recommendation at the same time, and found that the first song is "together again", which is still Yu Jiayun.

your day before yesterday, my yesterday, our today, add up to, "I want to be with you". It turns out that two people warm up, even the song list will have telepathy.