Why do I not want to find you with Wechat?

/March 2023

A few days ago, I got a postcard in the school mailroom. It was a New year's greeting sent to me by Anan. There were no special words on it, but simple greetings and wishes made me happy all day. Because almost no one can send me handwritten words, and even I have forgotten the last time I sent a letter.

when I was in high school, I was pen pal with Anan for some time. It was funny to say that we were studying in the same school, but both of us thought it was too disappointing to run to each other's class and hand over the letter to each other. So I decided to just follow the procedure and send the letter.

it's actually a sense of ritual to write a letter, just like every time I'm about to write a letter, I close the door, close the curtains, make a pot of tea, and then start thinking about what's going on around me recently.

such as the results of the monthly exam, the movies I have seen recently, the attitude of the girls I like towards me, or the complaints about people or things I don't like, for fear that something will be left behind and forget to write it down.

in short, you always have to think twice before writing. At that time, all your emotions are mixed between the lines. If you write less, you will not finish it. If you write too much, you will be wordy, and you can't change it after you send it out.

unlike chatting on Wechat, it can be read unscrupulously, can be withdrawn if you say something wrong, and can even use voice or memes to convey your emotions.

as social tools improve, it means that the cost of expression becomes lower and lower, and it brings convenience to people, but because of this "convenience", we are often much more casual in expressing what we think.

Let people think about life carefully and convey it to each other without a trace of perfunctory communication is the first good thing about writing a letter in this impetuous era.

after writing the letter, I went to the post office and put a stamp on it. After dropping the envelope into the mailbox, I began to look forward to it. I silently calculated the day of receiving the reply. If the estimated date was almost up, before the letter came, I would start to get nervous. I'm afraid that the post office will lose its own letter again. After all, it is very hurtful to lose the letter.

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just like when A Nan was on a trip to Chengdu, he also sent me a postcard. I thought it was almost time, so I went to the school mailroom every day to look for the letter, but no matter how I looked through it from beginning to end, I couldn't find a postcard with my own name.

so I looked for it for nearly a month, and finally convinced myself of the fact that the postcard had been lost by the postcard. Although the words written in it were not very important words, I still hated it to this day.

it is precisely because after the letter is mailed, you have to travel all over the world and risk being lost before you can come to your side. This mood of waiting makes the words you want to say in the letter and the feelings of each other more precious.

so I was always the most excited when I received a reply. I hid the letter secretly in my schoolbag for fear that others might find it. When I got home, I washed my hands and opened the envelope carefully. A letter of less than a thousand words was read and read again and again, and only after four or five times did I put it away reluctantly.

the biggest advantage at that time was that I didn't need to reply immediately. Unlike Wechat now, replying in no seconds seems to have become an original sin. If the other person doesn't reply in two hours, the other person may start to blow up hair. Forgetful, such as if I forgot to reply to the message and went to send a circle of friends, I will probably be labeled with all kinds of hats.

when the cost of receiving information becomes lower and lower, people always get harsh. the third good thing about writing a letter is to make people jump off the speeding timeline, and no one will worry about leaving blank for a few hours.

one of the more important things that I am keen on writing letters is that the letters I receive are a representation of the other person's mind.

it's as if a person would prefer to receive a physical gift on his birthday rather than simply handing out red envelopes.

because you only need to move your fingers to send red envelopes, and choosing gifts is a troublesome thing, it is difficult for people to perfunctory, so they can only go to the gift shop to pick and choose carefully, pack carefully, and "trouble" themselves for your sake.

the same goes for writing letters, from envelopes to stationery, and even which pen to use can be extremely critical. Everything is well thought out, and only you who received this letter are worth my attention.

I have seen a movie called "her" in which the hero Theodore wrote letters for people in the age of artificial intelligence in 2025, whether it was a wedding speech, a birthday card, or a confession. As long as he paid for it, he would be able to handle the customer's interpersonal relationship obediently.

the relationship between a friend, a couple or a couple can be perfected by Theodore's masterpiece, but ironically, Theodore can't handle the relationship with his wife himself. As his wife said: Theodore has long hidden his feelings.

because T-bag overlooked one thing, the reason why those letters became extremely moving after a little modification was not because he changed it well, but because he was responsible for presenting the writer's intentions in a more appropriate way.

what is really beautiful is not the rhetoric, but the original intention.

some people always mistakenly think that writing a letter can promote the feelings between people, but in fact, it is not the black and white words that promote the feelings, the sense of ceremony, the consideration and waiting in the whole letter process, the tension and excitement.

people's mind and care is the reason for giving meaning to cold words. Good night.