Get better.

/March 2023


recently, I don't know why, but suddenly I can't write anything.

not because there is nothing you want to write, but because you can't write it. I tried to press myself in front of the computer for three hours.

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so I went to ask my friends, of course, not "how to write it", because they are not as professional as me in this respect. What I asked was, "do you think what I've written these days is good?"

A friend said, "at the end of the year, it was well written." At the beginning of the year, it began to be bad. "

after further questioning, he couldn't tell why. Why it's good, and why it's bad.

so I began to chase myself to ask, first flipping through past articles, then writing down the good and bad reasons one by one, then asking questions on paper, and finally answering them in scribbled words.

but it's no use. The answer you give yourself is always untenable. If you ask a question from a different angle, you will wither.


until you receive an email in your mailbox. It's a girl. She wrote more than 3,000 words, all of which are stories of nearly a year.

became a sophomore and became a minister. At first, it was recruiting new students, then running around every day to do planning, and at the end of the event, there were a group of "fresh meat" accompanying them to celebrate the victory. After learning to skip class, slowly some business performances will find her, and her boyfriend will get to know her before the New year, and she didn't fail in the final exam.

it is obvious that life has gone in a good direction, but in a moment I feel that there is nothing good about this.

No matter how reluctant you are to the organization, you have to leave. Ke didn't fail, but he felt very decadent. The cost of living can be earned, but everyone knows that the host is a bowl of youth rice. And that relationship, although sweet, doesn't seem to last long, because both of them said, "I'm going to go back to work in my hometown after graduation."

I happened to be watching the last episode of Xiaosongqi talk when I saw the letter. Gao Xiaosong said in it that he was a very optimistic person. Although the whole world has become extremely turbulent now, he thinks it is a good thing. Because at least it shows that your time is not particularly mediocre and immutable, and you are witnessing a turning point in history.

he said: "an optimistic person who falls in love is called" happy love "and lovelorn is called" happy freedom ". Pessimists are called "losing their freedom" when they fall in love and "losing their love" when they are lovelorn. "

what a thing is, in fact, the key is from which angle you look at it.

so I sent the phrase "optimist" to the distressed girl, hoping to help her.


everyone seems to be like this, that is, they suddenly question a better and better life, and become unhappy as a result.

you know this question is unnecessary, but it just takes root in your heart.

just like me, obviously there are more and more readers, and more and more readers agree with me with appreciation, but I still have the ability to continue to write.

is also like that girl, who clearly takes advantage of all the advantages that a college student can enjoy, such as "temporary economic freedom" and "freedom of love", but begins to consider whether these things will become a thing of the past.

and we all know that these troubles actually come from the fear of the future, for fear that if we get used to "getting better", we can no longer accept the "getting worse" life. When you are afraid that the future failure will come again, you will collapse.

so as long as we continue our previous efforts, we can prevent the future from getting worse and worse. But people's self-doubt is endless, it is a self-protection mechanism to prevent us from falling into the whirlpool of complacency.

if you want to escape, you need an opportunity.

opportunity is a kind of metaphysics, and no one can predict what will set you free, so I can't give you any substantive advice.

but I can remind you to stay optimistic. Although optimistic people can doubt themselves, they get out more easily than we do. Because they are good at finding out good things from bad things, that is to say, they are good at understanding one thing.

take me as an example. Just after I replied to that email, I actually knew what I should write.

so I sat in front of the computer and knocked on it so that this article would be lucky enough to open it for you.

just now, I said to my girlfriend, who has been worried for a while, "I'm getting better."

so I also believe that you can get better.