An insurmountable jet lag between couples.

/March 2023

but he is about to play games.

he often works overtime so late that he finally has time to relax. I really can't bear to be capricious.

but he was still in his playtime until I left my lunch box at his computer desk, until I took a shower, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

at the end of that night, I never found a chance to chat with him.

and the things that I originally wanted to share with him, like a few pieces of meat cooled in the lunch box, are never as attractive as the game.

in the morning, I had to get up two hours earlier than him to squeeze the subway to work, and he was still sleeping when I went out.

the time between me and him, because of this, has been two hours apart.

for these two hours that are out of sync, we seem to have no choice but to compromise.

because I can neither ask the company to work two hours in the evening, nor can I ask him to leave work two hours early.

I used to think that sometimes there was a difference between two people because they were in a different place, because they couldn't meet each other.

because when you don't see it, you can use "no way" as an excuse to accept this feeling of loneliness.

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some people have two days off, while the other half have only one day off a week.

what they have to face is the difference between circles and experiences, with zero overlap on at least one day a week.

she almost blurted out, "because I just fell in love."

friends think it is a period of passionate love, so their feelings are naturally better, and they are not prone to conflicts.

while the place where a friend lives, it takes an hour and a half to commute from his boyfriend's company.

suddenly thought of the lyrics of a video platform:

is not a question of jet lag, but whether they feel each other and want to make up for the problem of jet lag.

when I told my boyfriend these thoughts, we unanimously decided:

but as long as we really care about each other, even if we sit next to each other and listen to each other, five minutes is enough.

they just don't want to be like the last song:

and hope that time underestimates our persistence.