As a girl, I dare not be afraid.

/March 2023

remembering the Spring Festival two years ago and traveling to Lijiang, I booked an inn at the gate of the ancient city. The night before Dali, at the market at Cai Village Wharf, Brother Jiang, the inn owner, sent a message. He told me the exact location of the inn by voice and text, and the way of hitchhiking from the railway station to the inn. According to the accent, it should be in his early thirties.

when we arrived at the inn the next day, Brother Jiang took the way to help us carry our luggage. on the way, he told me, "you little girls, be careful when you go out at night, especially for those who are in the middle of the Spring Festival, don't stay too late." he left the names of several bars and told us not to go. "if you encounter anything, call me or give me my name."

when I looked through his circle of friends, I could see that he was a native with good interpersonal relations and a bit of status. But I was not defensive at that time, even if I had heard of it.

until we settled down in the inn and went for a walk in the old city, when we passed the door of a bar, we were stopped by two men in their early twenties. They beckoned us to go in and play, and our companions waved their hands politely and refused. When they were ready to move on, they grabbed our arms and said, "come in and play, but you don't have to spend money."

then I was in a hurry and shook off and grabbed my hand. But when I looked back, my companion was surrounded by another man's hands. They laughed and carried her into the bar.

I went up and broke their hands and said, "if you do that again, I'll call the police." The man who had grabbed me took me by the hand and said, "Little sister, it's no use calling the police here."

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looking at my struggling companion, I suddenly remembered what Brother Jiang said to me and blurted out, "do you know Brother Jiang?" We are friends of Brother Jiang. "

originally, I only thought of the dead horse as a live horse doctor, but in an emergency, the man grabbed the last straw, and the man motioned to another man to let go of my companion, "Brother Jiang's friend, I told you so." We hurriedly returned to the inn, locked the door, did not finish visiting the ancient city, and the next day packed our bags and went to Shuhe.

I have been to Lijiang several times, met the generous brother Jiang, and still keep in touch, but because of that bar incident, whenever I went to Lijiang, I would make a detour to the bar street in the ancient city.

A girl posted a call for help on Weibo the other day. She went on a trip to Lijiang. She was beaten by several big men while having midnight snacks in the evening. She scratched her face with a glass bottle so that she was disfigured. The owner of the midnight snack club was silent all the time.

the girl called the police for a long time without follow-up, and the attitude of the hospital for injury testing was ambiguous. In the end, she had no choice but to go to Weibo for help. "if I can't be contacted after that, then I may have died here," she said at the end of Weibo.

at that time, some people said that when you went out for midnight snacks in Lijiang, you just made it clear that you wanted to have sex.

I don't know when to start. Once a girl is in danger outside, some idiots will jump out and say, "who told you to go out in the middle of the night", "who told you to wear so little", "you can't clap with one slap".

they always think that as a woman, going out alone at night, wearing less clothes, and traveling to a place under the banner of the capital of sexual encounter, it is clear that you are willing to "be committed a crime" and that you must be prepared to be "harassed", "seduced" and "disfigured".

well, I call them "idiots". A lot of times, in front of these "idiots", I can't be afraid.

as a girl, she has inevitably encountered similar dangers from childhood to adulthood.

Primary school was harassed by uncle on a crowded bus and had no choice but to get off in silence. After that month, I had nightmares every day and never took that bus again.

Junior high school classmate reunion was followed in the alley and escaped by hiding in a convenience store. High school witnessed the body of the sister next door was fished out of the river in front of the house and called the police, but the autopsy results came to nothing.

I don't know whether it is because I was born in a small county, or because I have experienced too much no way to ask for help. I seem to have subconsciously formed such a habit. When I walk at night, I will habitually turn on my mobile phone and enter my father's phone number. When I am in a different place, I can only enter the number of other friends, this friend has a higher possibility of rescue.

I used to store police calls in my mobile phone, calls from security teams in the county, but then I found that I could no longer believe that they would be more efficient than their fathers and friends at a long distance.

recently read an article that mentioned the sharing of Zhao Daqing, who experienced it at the "wonderful work Conference". She said that she would put a condom in her schoolbag from the very beginning of junior high school, just in case, because "if bad luck is unavoidable, then try to minimize the loss."

A lot of times, trust, sense of security, can only be found in the person closest to us, and the person closest to us, sometimes parents, friends, boyfriends, sometimes it may not be someone else, just ourselves.

when I got home, I didn't dare to tell my parents about these "dangers", because I was used to being independent in other places. I was used to looking fierce and not afraid.

in the field, no one will start killing call after 11:00 in the evening, and you still have to go back alone later; no one will pick you up or send you back; and very few people will ask you, "are you back?"

as a girl, when living and working alone, she is used to being independent and can't be afraid, but few people pierce it. "can't be afraid" doesn't mean "not afraid".

you know, once aggrieved, I began to think that they were right to "go home early", "dress carefully" and "travel less alone". Although I hate their stupidity, I can only accept the fact that I have noThe law changes society, the only thing I can do is to try my best to protect myself.

they always ask me why my phone is not turned off or in flight mode when I sleep at night. I didn't say that, in fact, I'm afraid you won't find me when you need help.

because I used to be afraid that when I needed it, hundreds of words of "drink plenty of hot water" and "pay attention to safety" appeared in my head, but I couldn't find a 24-hour effective help to turn it on.

finally. As the Spring Festival is coming, girls should pay more attention to safety.