"because Mom and Dad want me to do this" should not be your reason not to resign.

/March 2023

my parents don't want me to resign.

I also replied to some of them, and there was a message that impressed me very much.

he said he really wanted to leave his current job, but there was a conflict between " for himself and " for his parents .

there are "parents for my future" and "I hope for my parents".

one of the things that makes it hard for me to accept is that

actually I can think of a lot of things when I read such messages.

in the year of the college entrance examination, my grades were not good, and my family did not have any money for me to attend other schools except for my A degree or above. (at that time, the tuition fee was very expensive unless I went to a relatively poor college.)

I am excitedly looking forward to studying as a media major and want to be a journalist in the future.

Dad probably didn't expect me to be serious at first, but then he began a hard and soft period of volunteering for the newspaper, which made me give up the idea of becoming a media and a journalist.

the funniest thing later was that no matter how much I "asked", I said I was addicted to cleanliness and didn't like going in and out of the hospital.

I escaped the future of going to work in the hospital, but I didn't escape studying economics. Because no other uncle jumped out and said that the economics major was average.

I already knew at that time that my life could have nothing to do with my will.

I was caught up in resentment for a very long time, to some extent.

because I know what I can do, they won't let me do it.

after that high school classmate listened to my continuous complaint, there was no response. She only asked me a question.

I froze. I didn't think she would share a common enemy with me like other friends.

that was the first time I was ashamed of it.

what about myself? What have I done?

I still remember that my friend was just chatting with me in a normal tone. She was not contradicting me, nor did she want to point out that I was wrong.

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I have been blaming my parents, making me turn a blind eye to some simple problems and easy solutions.

A simple conversation like this, without any thought-provoking truth, has shamed me to this day.

if I want to get the support of my family to go to college, in the final analysis, obedience is the only thing I can do.

what about me later?

there is one thing, that is, what you see now, I have written an article, of course, this is not achieved overnight, I also walked through a very dark alley.

when my father found out that I was in college, he had an income and was even able to pay his own tuition fees, and he didn't say any more objections.

being obedient is no longer the only thing I can do.

the power of "others" is not strong enough to hinder your access to your life.