Before the New year, I made a smell blind box.

/March 2023

what perfume do I give for Christmas to show that I care?

start with the first perfume.

I want to give you a fragrance of your age

I decided to have some fun.

Yes, no matter how realistic my description is, I will use all the fragments of life to piece together the smell of a perfume for you.

Please join us to capture this luck.

Ranging from the sexy to the sober, our hot pink bridesmaid dresses are definitely fundamental. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

bathe yourself in different tastes and find your love and avoidance.

one of the female fragrances : a retro incense, born in 1983. The smell inherits the noble and charming old fragrant demeanor from beginning to end. Because of its complexity and animal nature, it is beyond the control of a little girl. Although it is charming, it is full of magnificence. The combination of flower fragrance, fat fragrance and animal fragrance is atmospheric and soft.

female scent three : a flower scent. In addition to elegance, there is a trace of imperceptible tenderness. It is the fragrance of flowers coming quietly in the evening, the fragrance hidden in the sleeves of clothes.

one of the male fragrances : a citrus fragrance. Unlike the fruity aroma, this citrus is stronger and chilly with cypress trees. Not so tense, but gentle.

male incense III : the incense comment is: the ruffian who is in love can't even hold the knife.

Neutral fragrance : a similar body fragrance. It means that no matter who wears it and when it is worn, it can be as natural as without perfume.

, which will open tomorrow night.