/March 2023

A few days ago, a reader came to me and said that he had opened an official account because he read it in a mess. But over the past year, although he worked very hard, the number of readers and fans has never been mentioned, and he, who has tried many methods, has recently felt a little powerless.

he said he went through the messy tweets and knew that persistence was important, but wanted to know what else was more important.

I talked to him for a long time that afternoon, because I always felt that I had some responsibility, too. I always preached "persistence" excessively before, but did not tell others that "persistence" was only one of the most basic elements of doing a good job.

Zepeng was with me at that time, and after the chat was over, he said, "thorns, in fact, you should write about these things, and there are many people who want to know these words because you started working as an official account."

hence today's article, which is written for people who are fighting on an official account, so if you are not a disorganized reader, I advise you not to read it. Because all the views here are extremely one-sided and subjective.

reason 1: at this point, extreme really has the upper hand.

I don't know when extremes begin to prevail over reason. For example, some official accounts often have the description:

"she looks like an extremely cold star in front of people she doesn't like, because she leaves all her tenderness to the man who is worth all her efforts. She would rather have sex than date someone else, because she had already been 'killed' by the cheating man. "

what the story characters do seems to have no emotional basis and no logic to speak of. In order to express an extreme point of view, the story must also be extreme. Only in this way can we stimulate the readers' eyeballs and scare them to forward them quickly.

extreme illogical content and opinions can get them more attention in a short time, so in order to attract more fans, a large number of marketing accounts do not hesitate to mislead readers and stir up their emotions.

I have to say that they succeeded. Successfully surpassed those sensible official accounts and won a temporary victory.

so, in this case, it becomes more difficult for a principled official account to break through.

but even in the face of such a weak tide, there are still official accounts that adhere to their own principles and have made achievements: trough side past, Lian Yue, KnowYourself,WhatYouNeed, New World Phase, and so on.

so although it is difficult, I still hope that you, cherish your every post, and then continue to maintain the attitude you should have. Don't forget that the people who read your tweets on your phone are independent people who believe in you.

and we usually call them "readers".

reason 2: those chief editors of official accounts have not performed their duties as chief editors.

first of all, let's be clear: founder is not equal to editor-in-chief.

Yes, the editor-in-chief of many successful official accounts is the founder. But most people overlook the fact that many official accounts are not successful because "the chief editor is the founder."

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the job of editor-in-chief is to determine the overall direction, tap everyone's talent in writing, and allow them to play freely while taking into account the development of this official account.

he should not only be able to write, but also teach others how to write and help them find their own problems. His knowledge reserve must be rich, he must be sensitive to the touch of new media, know what kind of hot spots his team is suitable to pursue, and what kind of topic direction should be used to make the official account closer to his ideal appearance.

and as an editor, you should also have the ability to "abstract emotional expression".

A person who is immersed in his own words can easily fall into the circle of "thinking of himself". He will not know which part is superfluous and which part should be retained. At this time, it is necessary for the chief editor to analyze the article on a logical level, make objective suggestions, and then give feedback to the writer.

I'm not saying that the most important thing about an official account is its editor. Instead, I want to tell you

if a team doesn't have Leader, you don't even have the ability to move towards failure, because when you walk, everyone falls apart.

reason 3: most of them don't know what they want to do

actually this is the pit I've fallen into.

I'm ashamed. In fact, we had several exchanges with WYN as early as half a year ago. At that time, Blake and Xiao Pang of the SAR offered to cooperate deeply with us, but before confirming the cooperation, Xiao Pang of the SAR asked me, "you told me that the disorganized goal was 100, 000 fans, but what about after 100, 000 fans? 200000 fans? What about after 200000 fans?

I hope you can really figure out what kind of official account messy is going to be and what it wants to do. Because only in this way can we see if we can cooperate. "

and I couldn't say a word at that time, because I really didn't know.

in the last three months of 16 years, I was lost in disorder. We have no goals, and we don't know what we want to do. the only thing we can do is to keep writing, doing activities, and giving speeches.

We have tried to drive our thinking through external forces, and we have also made various attempts. But without exception, we all failed. I even began to wonder whether I was fit to write and whether I could become a brand in a disorganized way.

this kind of suspicion is something I have never had since the establishment of chaos.

I don't believe in the word "inspiration", because the so-called inspiration is the accumulation of thinking. In the course of this ordeal, I only did one thing right, something that had nothing to do with writing: We decided to use nearly half a year's income to hire a very good designer to redesign a disorganized set of VI.

in the process of communicating with designers, we piece together the "chaos of the ideal" bit by bit. I keep asking myself "why" and "how to do". It was only after going through a lot of pain that we pulled out that sentence:

We want to look at the world of young people from many angles.

this sentence summarizes what we are doing, from words to activities, every action is supported by real beliefs. It is like a central axis, no matter how far I go, I know what I am around.

including myself, I was also fed back by this sentence. In the past, I always thought that everyone should be unified, "unified" and "stay together", but I found that in fact, everyone can be different, and everyone can be independent.

so, I can also be the person I want to be, instead of cutting off my edges and corners for the sake of others.

it took more than half a year to fight with this problem, and the process was extremely heroic, but the flowers bloomed. So, at the beginning of 17 years, I hope to give you some ideas and some help.

remember, don't copy, think.

because of your thinking, you are who you are.

finally, if you started the official account because of "we".

you might as well leave your official account name and ID in today's message area, as well as its one-sentence introduction. That's all I can offer. Good luck. :)

when you are most powerless, keep trying.