Chinese New year, I still want to stand "braving the wind and waves"

/March 2023

there is nothing to do on the first day of the Lunar New year. And has been lazy for several days, if you don't write something, it doesn't make sense to go out and chat with friends. So at one o'clock this afternoon, I bought five movie tickets in one breath and went to brush this year's New year's holiday with two cousins.

We first watched "Journey to the West to the Devil" at 3 o'clock, and then watched "braving the Wind and waves" at 05:05. As the little cousin, who is in the first year of junior high school, said that he would rather go back to play with the computer than watch "braving the Wind and waves", so at five o'clock it was just me and my cousin who continued to watch.

after reading it, I can't wait to go to the Internet bar, whether as minesweeper or tap water. First talk about "Journey to the West", and then talk about "braving the wind and waves".

"Journey to the West" Douban rating: 5.4 release date: January 28

"Journey to the West". I do not recommend you to see it. I only give one star on Douban. Because compared with the first film, there is nothing praiseworthy about this film except for special effects.

in fact, I don't know why Stephen Chow talks about "the Tathagata Palm" again, or even regards it as the most critical driving point of the whole film. There are also "Tathagata Palms" in "Kung Fu", but "Kung Fu" has a variety of groundwork in the plot, such as the protagonist, no matter how badly he is beaten, can finally recover; for example, he will be blocked by the evil god of fire and cloud.

when it comes to Journey to the West, the Tang monk can come to the rescue at the most dangerous moment, and there is no reason why. Anyway, his character setting is: I'm stupid, I can't beat you, I can't outrun you, but I can subdue you.

it really doesn't make any sense.

and those BGM that have been used again and again, and the theme songs that have been sung and sung again and again, I really feel sick to hear them.

this film has no logic, and the appearance of the spider spirit is inexplicable. The plot of the Tang monk who meets the spider spirit is too far-fetched. Bai Gu Jing falls in love with the Tang monk for no reason, and the biggest villain inexplicably wants to subdue Qi Tian Dasheng.

playing with the old stalks can only show that the director has no confidence at all and that he can make the audience remember something more through this film.

if you want to use "street bashing" as a laughing point, it is actually the worst way to consume the last batch of fans affected by "Wulitou".

finally, in fact, I am a little sad. The "sadness" here is mixed with disappointment with Zhou Xingchi. It is not easy to go from "Sing Tsai" to "Sing Yeh", but in the end, an actor /director has to rely on his works.

what if the box office is higher? It's just draining people's expectations of the movie.

and I still don't believe that the star holding "actor's self-cultivation" will finally choose the lunch box instead of the movie.

Douban rating: 6.6 release date: January 28

before discussing the film, let's talk about a few interesting things. When I was discussing what movie to watch with my cousin at noon today. Ride the Wind and the waves had only 5.8 points, and now, at 9 p.m., the film has reached 6.6 points.

as we all know, stepping on Han Han seems to be a politically correct thing in the past week. He was branded as "discriminating against women" because he posted a controversial song, and then many official accounts took various interviews out of context to prove that Han Han looked down on women at all. Then say something like "Han Han is not as good as Xiao Si", "resolutely do not look at" ride the wind and waves "and so on.

but if you really go to the cinema to see the movie, you won't think there's anything wrong with that song. In fact, I think the reason for this is that Han Han is too famous, and the way he accumulates fame is not because he is smart, but because he is brave, but now he is more like a smart businessman. Second, because the shooting of "the Future is not good" is obviously not good, but everyone was holding it at that time, and the resentment against that film was naturally left to "braving the Wind and waves".

Let me show you a screenshot of the first four low-scoring essays of "ride the Wind and waves". Except for the two-star review, the other three did not discuss the film itself.

alas, those who shout "I want justice" always do unjust things.

well, I can tell you what I think of the film.

I like it very much. This is the most sincere New year's film I have seen in recent years.

I grew up watching Han Han. From his blog in junior high school to reading all his books later, there is even an out-of-print solo group at home. But even if I like his words so much, it doesn't affect my bad comments on "the future meeting".

because the next meeting is a collection of golden sentences, Han Han did not tell a good story. At this moment, I have almost forgotten all the characters and plots in "Hou", but I still remember the phrase "adults only look at the pros and cons" and "you haven't even seen the world and talked about your worldview."

but in fact, Han Han is good at seeing the whole through a small part. It is only when he has a world outlook that he begins to observe the world and talk to the world with the stories of small potatoes. This is true of "triple gate", and so is "one city".

so I like to ride the Wind and waves, just because the film only tells the family story of a group of small potatoes, and tells it well.

the story is very simple, which is about how a child who lost his mother at an early age changed from "hating his father" to "understanding his father".

I advise you not to take time travel too seriously before watching it, and don't expect this movie to make you laugh many times, let alone watch it as a romance. Because it only has just the right short jokes and humor, there is no embarrassment of "I don't know whether to laugh or not", and there is no golden song of love sung again and again.

then I want to talk about my two favorite characters in this film, not Peng Yuyan and Deng Chao, but Zhang BenyuThe pony is played by Luo Li and Dong Zijian.

Zhang Benyu, no one knows his name, but as soon as he talks about "absolutely unexpected", everyone should be able to remember who he is. He plays a villain in "braving the Wind and waves", but this villain is hard to hate because he is a principled villain who does not do anything or bully women.

A mafia boss who had a car and a gun in those days should be regarded as a great figure in the town.

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but the way he appeared, he was destined to be a small potato, and he dared not get angry when he was forcibly interrupted when making out with his wife in the car.

he said at the dinner table that he was also a man with a dream. He would quit the underworld and turn to politics and business. But in the end, he said to Deng Chao and Peng Yuyan, "what are you talking about?" They are small potatoes. "

in fact, he said this to himself, because he found that even if he had a gun, he had to listen to others. Even the woman she loves most will betray him without hesitation.

the role of Laurie, he is smart, knows how to steer in the face of the wind, and relies on his own efforts to climb to the highest position he can touch step by step. But so what? He is not at all the same level of person as Wang Zhiqiang (Li Ronghao), who is more ruthless than him and gets more than him. No matter how hard he tries, he is still a nobody in the end and nothing can be changed.

Don't you think it's a bit like us? you think you're smart and you think you work hard. But the highest point we can reach is only the lowest point for others. I think I can break through, but I just keep hitting a brick wall.


and Dong Zijian's role is also very interesting. Everyone can know his future through the full name of the pony. This seems to be the common secret of "Xu Tailang" played by all the audience and Deng Chao, but no one will make it clear.

this is a dose of chicken blood that Han Han gave us. He tried to tell us through such a character: "when most people think you are wrong, it is often the time when you should stick to it."

because no one can predict the future, they think that video stores and BB machines must dominate the world, but in fact, in less than 10 years, even text messages have been replaced by instant messaging.

but the pony is a small potato like Xu Zhengtai. they both have what they think is right and are willing to work hard for it.

it's just that Xu Zhengtai chose the wrong one, and the pony chose the right one, that's all.

but at the moment, whether we choose the wrong "Xu Zhengtai" or the right "pony". I don't know, because no one has an answer, and no one knows the future.

finally, I would like to tell you why I was moved by the story in "riding the Wind and waves".

because the role of father is always contradictory, he has given all the good things to his children, but he always has to play the "bad cop" of the family. Obviously do not want them to cry, but want to use it to exercise their character.

so it is always difficult for us to understand our father, and it is hard to imagine that the old man once had a dream and was in high spirits. And "braving the Wind and waves" is to play in front of us what that young, even childish father has done and fallen in love with.

so if I want a second brush, I will take my father with me to see it.

finally, once again, it is recommended to "ride the wind and waves".

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