Chinese New year, the most afraid of relatives asking about my major.

/March 2023

Today is the third day of the Lunar New year. At lunch, the thorns posted a Weibo screenshot in the group of the editorial department.

the screenshot shows a blogger complaining about adults. In her view, elders tend to regard young people as a topic of gossip, not only disrespecting and understanding their majors, but also making embarrassing jokes. Finally, they complained about their behavior.

after Weibo was sent out, it splashed one spray after another like a boulder thrown into a calm lake, and the number of comments forwarded and praised increased at a rate visible to the naked eye, and young people agreed one after another, attaching their own complaints. there is a sense of "don't spit it out, spit it out fast".

because of this fuse, many young people keep jumping out and shouting: "I hate Chinese New year, I hate adults."

so we decided to talk about those awkward moments about our major.

@ eel whale

when freshman year was at the dinner table, my aunt asked me, "do you want to be a host at Happy Camp in the future, or do you want to be a reporter on CCTV?"

I have explained it many times, but to no avail, over time, I have to laugh to get through every awkward moment.

at the dinner table for another year, this time my aunt didn't mention my major for the first time. I thought I could finally dodge a bullet.

unexpectedly, she snuck me into the room after dinner and asked me with a black face, "have you been lying to me all the time?"

if I had a bullet screen on my head at that time, it would have been full of question marks.

Auntie added: "your major is not a host at all, is it? I often see you making movies in moments. Are you going to be a director in the future?" You listen to your aunt, the entertainment industry is very chaotic, you a girl how can withstand so much trouble, wait for school to hurry back to change majors. "

as a result, I went to great lengths to explain to my aunt the direction of my major in radio and television, but she was still skeptical, afraid that I would "go astray" and told me to "protect myself" before leaving.

@ far Summer

yesterday I went to my uncle's house to pay New year's greetings. After lunch, the whole family gathered around the coffee table. The adults were drinking Kungfu Tea and chatting, while the young people bowed their heads and played with their mobile phones.

after a rebroadcast of the Spring Festival Gala on New year's Eve, a certain TV station began to broadcast international news as soon as its painting style changed.

obviously no one can understand it, but the TV has not been changed for a long time. I screamed in my heart as an English major, burying my head even lower, but I still couldn't avoid trouble.

the uncle, who has always been famous for his seriousness, first said, "listen to what the female reporter is saying on TV in summer and translate it for us."

"I don't understand." I'm being honest.

as soon as I spoke, without waiting for me to add, my uncle turned black and began to accuse me of not working hard and wasting my time.

since going to college, this scene has happened countless times in different places, but they do not understand the concept of difficulty in simultaneous interpretation. second, it is not clear that the professional requirements of translation are different in hundreds of fields such as literature, journalism, finance, medicine and so on.

in the eyes of adults, I should be a human flesh translator. As long as I can't, it's my fault.

and more importantly, the female reporter speaks Ukrainian.

and please don't show me the instructions for the drugs you bought from Hong Kong again, please.

@ Zhiyuan

my major is rehabilitation. As the only medical student in the family, this identity gives me a great headache.

at dinner this year, my aunt said, "Zhiyuan, you will be a big doctor in the future, you must make a lot of money." Then came the echo of other relatives, "Yes, red envelopes received soft hands."

before, I had to explain a lot to them every time, saying that there were regulations that doctors could not receive red envelopes, and that my major would not prescribe medicine without surgery, so I would not be a doctor in the future.

as a result, my uncle said to me, "Why are you studying this major? what's the use of studying one more year than other college students?"

as soon as I was about to explain to them what my major was, my aunt immediately smiled and said, "it's all right anyway. I have red envelopes in more or less. Doctors' white coat pockets are so deep that they are used to hold red envelopes."

after listening to my uncle, he painstakingly persuaded me: "Zhiyuan, you can't be too rigid. If you want to survive in this society, you have to learn to be flexible. Receiving red envelopes doesn't tell you not to save people, to save people with money, and to have the best of both worlds."

so I gave up and had no choice but to smile and bow my head and finish my meal and hurriedly left the table.

although I know that many people don't understand my major or doctor's profession, I think it's hard for anyone when their inner beliefs are insulted and trampled on by their loved ones.

but can I talk about them?

We always feel inexplicably powerless in the face of these awkward scenes.

because as they get older, some adults increasingly think that they are experienced enough to serve as anyone's life mentor.

they are good at understanding everything simply and rudely with their own old-fashioned way of thinking, and once refuted, they will gag you with the words, "I have eaten more salt than you have eaten."

because of this, most of them feel better about themselves and lose the ability to think independently.

in fact, however, whether it is new things or professional knowledgeYes, they all know too little, not even on the surface.

and the saddest thing is that when our level of knowledge is much higher than theirs, we find that the right to speak is still tightly held in the hands of a group of ignorant and arrogant adults. As a junior, we have no way to completely change the status quo before we are completely independent.

some people may say that I am rebellious. Adults love you anyway.

in fact, I have never denied their love, and most of the time they are doing good for us and protecting us in their own way.

just like the eel whale's aunt is afraid that she will be bullied, and Zhiyuan is expected to receive more red envelopes in the future, it is just that adults want us to live a better life.

however, it does not mean that their ideas and practices are correct.

because they are relatives, we can only say to them like this:

Bothered to buy the most suitable dress and of agreeable price? sexy evening gowns may give you the answer. Once you make up your choice, relax, we will take care of everything.

Thank you for your love and concern, but it seems to be out of date for too long.

in the future, we will do well by ourselves.