During my three years in Guangzhou, I have never been to its old city.

/March 2023


this is my third year of studying in Guangzhou. My biggest impression of it should be the crowded Line 3, the endless flow of people, and the similar and cold commercial center.

unfortunately, the characteristics of these big cities do not attract me very much.

every time Zhou and I go out to play outside the university town and ask me where I am going, I will say whatever, and then she will give me a look.

and I will be very helpless. I spend an hour or two running outside every time, not to see the lights and drinks, but because that person is very important.

take a look at the map software to determine the time, take a look at the food software to determine the evaluation, but whether it is sports west or west gate, the feeling of every place is very similar.

if I were alone, I would really resist running out of the desert island of the university town. I hate shuttling back and forth in the endless flow of people on the road-tall cold buildings, passers-by in a hurry let me feel a kind of inexplicable pressure.

to tell you the truth, as a student in Guangzhou for three years, I don't love the city. If it wasn't for its resources, I would even leave this place without looking back.


so when the thorns ran from Dongguan to Guangzhou and told me to visit the city, I just frowned, said yes, and asked him where he was going.

the thorns said to eat first, and then even talked about several authentic old shops in Guangzhou, such as fish skin, boat congee and rice noodle roll, and asked me which one I hadn't eaten.

I told him frankly that I hadn't eaten any of them. Then the thorn looked at me with an incredible look and said, "you've been in Guangzhou for three years, and you haven't eaten any of these?"

I shrugged.

at noon that day, I was attacked by thorns, a man who grew up and studied in Dongguan, and ate several characteristic old restaurants. Although the food is not bad, but because it is a busy area, the huge flow of people actually makes me very uncomfortable all the time.

then he asked me if I had been to the old town. I shook my head. After he despised me again, he took me into an alley.

as soon as I entered this alley, I felt that something had changed. After walking a few more steps, I suddenly looked back and suddenly found that there were many tall and cold buildings missing in this alley, and a sense of calmness and warmth came on my face.

more importantly, there are few people on this street and everyone walks very slowly.

A street unexpectedly separates prosperity and tranquillity at both ends.


after taking a few more steps, the feeling of peace of mind becomes more difficult to restrain. Many vibrant green leaves can be seen on the gray walls, the alley is not asphalt concrete, and the road is made of bricks with low sides and high middle.

it is obviously a very small alley, because there are not many people, so it is not crowded at all. Sometimes you can even see those dilapidated canteens with the words "Stores" written on a dilapidated board.

the thorns are on one side to introduce to me the architectural features of the old city, why there are three doors, and what is the function of the three doors. I sighed: "I didn't expect such a place in Guangzhou."

that afternoon, I was in a hurry to take part in the activity, so I only wandered around the old city for an hour and left. Before I left, I said I wanted to find someone to visit a place like this next time.

the reason why I feel so much is because that hour suddenly took me away from the "number". Every time I go out, I will first look at the time marked on the map, then look at the score of the food software to decide where to eat, and finally pay back the money with online payment.

throughout the process, all my actions are dominated by "numbers". Yes, it is very convenient, but because of living under the numbers for a long time, this "invisible" state of life slowly breeds a sense of restlessness.


I have asked many friends around me, and they all admit that on the one hand, they covet the convenience of the times, on the other hand, they are eager for quick success and quick profit because of this convenience.

the cold data has become one of the bases for human communication. The old city is obscured by trees, the urban area is obscured by cold buildings, and we are obscured by numbers. Fortunately, Guangzhou changed from a cold, digital impression to a city with warmth and color in my mind that afternoon.

I used to travel with a group, and every time I went to those popular scenic spots, I felt that all I saw was a business center with a different name.

it was only that day that I realized that some cities should not only look at its prosperity, but also look at the precipitation and history behind it. In the past three years in Guangzhou, I seem to have missed a lot of things because I have been going to the business center.

in my junior year, I have been eager to grow up in the past few months. I was in a trance in the old city that day, which was the only impulse for me to slow down in half a year.

probably the best thing I can think of now is to find the right person to chat and wander aimlessly in a dilapidated alley in the afternoon.

when introducing the buildings in the old city that afternoon, the thorns said, "these buildings are so crowded that there is not enough light inside." I took a look. At noon, many storefronts had lights on, and the room without lights was out of sight.

the thorn said again: "so although it is peaceful here, it is not so suitable for living."

"because people are facing the light."

after he said this, I couldn't help thinking that from nature to numbers, from small cities to Guangzhou, in the final analysis, it was also because I wanted to face the light.

good night.

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