Eating is not important at all. What matters is you.

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I'd like to have dinner with you.

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I am not a person who likes to follow the trend. I haven't watched a single episode of "remaining guilt" on my screen every day in moments a while ago. Now I hear people talking about smoking SSR's "Onmyoji" every day, and I've never touched it.

I always feel that something must have a point that attracts me before I get closer to it, and this point is definitely not just "everyone is talking about it".

the other day, Shining suddenly came to me and said, "did you watch Forensics Qin Ming in the summer? I think you look a lot like Qin Ming, the protagonist."

in fact, I didn't catch a cold at first, like, I look like a lot of people.

what really attracted me at first was that when I accidentally glanced at my roommate's computer screen, I saw Qin Ming say something- "eating itself is a simple act of obtaining energy. If I were not a medical examiner, I would devote myself to studying a drug that allows human beings to obtain energy in the form of capsules to avoid the trouble of buying food and cooking meals." in this way, human civilization must have a qualitative leap. "

sometimes we pay attention to a person, a TV series because of a nonsense. It is not necessarily the hottest and most reasonable sentence, but it just hits you.

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actually got hit because I think Qin Ming is very much like me before.

before I went to college, I didn't take "eating" as a thing.

just like when I was in high school, my mother would greet me home with steaming meals every day. Sometimes she was dragged home late, only to find that she and my father would rather talk at the dinner table than move the chopsticks first.

I said to her many times, "if I'm late, you can eat first. It doesn't matter."

she also always shook her head with a smile and told me: "if people are not all together, it's no fun to eat."

from buying and washing vegetables to cooking and eating, and finally washing dishes, it takes her more than half a day to eat, but she never gets tired of it.

I also asked her, "Don't you think it's a waste to spend so much time every day to eat?"

she scolded me for being ignorant: "with you and your father around, the time I spend can't be wasted."

when I was still serious, I taught my mother, "Mom, you do what you want to do, don't sacrifice your life for us."

my mother dumped me and then ignored me.

it wasn't until I went to college that I realized how stupid I was. Watching the weight loss, I began to miss my mother's food. After leaving home, I no longer care about "eating". I thought it was because I was free and easy, but later I found out that it was because I knew that no one would wait for me to have dinner with me.

so it doesn't matter whether you eat well or not.

before I left home, I always felt that I was not a homesick. When I had a short vacation, I often thought it was a long way home. I would rather be alone in an empty school and seldom feel lonely.

until one holiday, I went on a whim to a restaurant called "Mom's flavor" near the school, ordered a potato beef rice, took a bite and smelled stale, and came back from a trip to the bathroom. I found that the meal that I had only eaten two mouthfuls had been taken away by the boss.

I waved my hand. I didn't want to hear the "mother" apologize again and again. I walked out of the restaurant and never set foot again.

at that moment, I suddenly realized what my mother did to have dinner with us every day.

those meticulous meals and waiting at the dinner table. The driver is interpreting the meaning of "companionship".

Qin Ming's career determines that he needs to maintain a rational way of thinking all the time, but as ordinary people, we cannot avoid the need for that kind of emotion. And eating is a great way to express your feelings.

eating ten more meals at home may not make you feel happier, because we are all used to it. But eating ten less meals will make you realize how happy you used to be.

people, that's how they die.

and more importantly, if there is a loss of emotion in cooking and eating in this world, what's the difference from a direct glucose drip?

in fact, in addition to "companionship", there is another window to express love in the matter of eating, and its name is "accommodation".

the day before yesterday, I saw a food program on TV in the subway station, introducing how to make a "Sanding Fried Mushroom". This dish is a mixture of diced meat, diced carrots, edamame beans and mushrooms. It is one of my mother's favorite dishes. When I am away from home, I often see what this dish looks like in her circle of friends.

at that time, I said to the eel whale around me, you see, my mother likes this dish best, and the four ingredients in are all her favorite .

after I opened my mouth, I felt a little strange why when I usually eat this dish at home, it is always "stir-fried mushrooms with diced mushrooms" , never seen edamame beans.

I clicked on my mother's Wechat avatar, flipped back through her moments and looked at the food photos she posted. It all depends on whether the dish is "two or three cubes".Whether I am at home or not.

I am at home, that is, "two Ding". As soon as I leave, I become "Sanding" again.

I didn't know what "accommodation" meant before, because I was the one who was accommodated.

now I understand that "accommodation" actually means "add more things you like when cooking, even if you like things I don't like."

there is a scene in "Forensics Qin Ming" that always makes me feel a little funny but familiar: Qin Ming dislikes the unhygiene of roadside stalls, but is willing to accompany Li Dabao and Lin Tao to eat crayfish, and when he comes to the dinner table, he puts on surgical gloves with a disgusted face, takes out a sterilized scalpel to dissect the spicy crayfish, and neatly arranges the body of the dissected crayfish. In the end, he ate the essence of all the crayfish in a gentleman's way.

while Qin Ming was going to pay the bill, Li Dabao secretly glanced at him and asked Lin Tao, "do you have any friends for people like him?"

Lin Tao also looked helplessly: "me."

the helpless Dabao can only touch the cup helplessly with Lin Tao and say to him helplessly, "Thank you so much."

Qin Ming tries what he dislikes for the sake of Dabao Lin Tao. In fact, this is a kind of "accommodation".

Dabao Lin Tao feels helpless about Qin Ming's moment of reason, but always accompanies him, which is also a kind of "accommodation".

just like everyone's likes and dislikes of food are different, but I not only want to eat with you, but also want you to eat happily, so I am willing to give in for you, willing to retrogression for you, willing to accompany you to try things I don't like originally.

in fact, this is not difficult to understand, but the significance of your existence at this table is much more important than my favorite food. If I only need to think about what I want to eat and what I don't want to eat, why not eat by myself?

what Qin Ming said is true. Eating is a simple act of getting energy.

but in our opinion, eating has other meanings. when it takes us so long to cook a meal, when we have to wait for others to eat at the same table, when we accommodate each other's taste for important people, it changes from "getting energy" to "exchanging energy".

so, in fact, in the matter of eating, the meal is not important, the important thing is you.

Forensics Qin Ming

Forensics Qin Ming

"Forensics Qin Ming"

Forensics Qin Ming

Forensics Qin Ming

Forensics Qin Ming

Forensics Qin Ming

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