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/March 2023

unlike others, the "exhibit" brought by Lin Kai-de is himself.

I'm a little curious about what made him choose to do this-"maverick".

@ singer Lin Kai

while the famous music producer Li Jiesong said: his songs are very memorable and have their own style.

and Lin Kai's experience of chasing his dream is actually very similar to that of most young people.

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when I was a student, I felt very handsome when I saw others playing the guitar, so I secretly learned it myself. Later, I thought the piano and drums were very cool, and slowly learned many kinds of musical instruments.

and just like choosing to "show yourself" in the exhibition.

because I yearn to do what I want to do, I don't want to cater to the market 100%, so I don't sign a contract; I want to try everything, but I'm afraid my fans won't accept it, so I'm afraid to change too much at present.

after drifting, he returned to his hometown Daejeon, and he finally became known from nobody.

even if you are the only one you can count on, try your best to make everyone see it.

@ singer Liu Sihan

probably when many people heard the name "Liu Sihan" for the first time, they all reacted the same way as I did:

in 11 years, the song "Walking in the Cold Wind" was spread all over the streets, but she did not become popular as the original singer of the song.

she reached the 30-year-old mark two years ago.

so she began to step out of her comfort zone, not only experimenting with many different styles on her new album, but also posting short videos regularly on Douyin.

this is one of the reasons why she used Dream Voice's entry number board as an exhibit.

"Don't forget your original heart. People who export works only hope that someone can understand themselves, and even if they question themselves, they have to cheer themselves up. "


I don't know what my advantage is, so I try everything and write a lot of works, but I haven't tried anything that suits me.

so the money earned by sideline and amateur real estate developers continue to support their love of music.

until the last two years, an inspirational song "we are young" won the Golden Melody Award for Best New Band in Mandarin, and they finally found their way: to do motivational rock.

30 + they also conscientiously explained to me the meaning of their group name:

"Youth should be an attitude towards life. As long as the dream is firm and persistent, it can continue. "


actually, after chatting with them, I spent some time reviewing myself after graduation.

most of the time, I'm just doing what I think I need to do, and then waiting for the change to happen.

by contrast, I'm just living an ordinary life.

their brilliance is also under pressure to match it, and to criticize themselves with the achievements of others, it is better to remember their hard work and move forward together.

I am also experiencing ordinary not easy, I can enjoy ordinary happiness.


and these musicians who see the support of the music plan finally rise from plane images, live from two-dimensional world, clear from live scenes, and liven up from scenes where no one is interested.

this may also be the meaning of the existence of this "Douyin beautiful gas station".

the so-called "cheering for yourself with the goodness of others" may be more likely to find out: