How long has it been since we met?

/March 2023

it is completely different from the lax attitude of the elders at the beginning of the epidemic last year.

I can't help but smile bitterly at the thought of this. parents can be so wayward that they think they can carry everything and have a hard mouth, including their own old body.

but only mention that you have to be careful and have everything ready when you finally see your child all year round.

half a month in advance, I will wash your bed.

I suddenly remembered the joke I said to my father when I was a child: "stop scolding me, if you scold me again, I won't eat, and I'll be hungry to annoy you!"

but what is more interesting than the change of the elders is the change of the young.

Young people are changing jokes to tease gossiping aunts and six aunts, complaining about blind dates who are tired of getting married, lamenting that the Spring Festival is gone, and that it is getting more and more boring year after year.

on the contrary, since the beginning of this month, I began to hear my colleagues talking about their plans to go home for the Spring Festival.

colleagues who keep pets, some pets were stranded at home last year, and some stranded pet shops paid high foster fees. So early in the moments to ask whether there are kind-hearted people to stay in the local New year, can help take care of their pets.

colleagues of model workers usually put their annual leave before the Spring Festival, avoiding the flow of people ahead of time and becoming the first batch of people to go home.

people always seem to be like this, when they have it, they will find fault with it.

but fortunately, from the experience we almost lost, we learned how to deal with the unknown.

but in retrospect, some people haven't seen each other since last year.

Varied with the smallest details,our next day delivery prom dresses are your indispensable items. This is the part for the unique, as you.

the experience of this period reminds us of the precious moments that we took for granted but ignored in the past.

these are all treasured fragments in memory.

the reunion every year is worth cherishing.

that night my father said: "Don't be afraid, I can pick you up by car."

the feeling is that when is tired all year round, someone will take you home.

has always been known as the "wandering porter" Nongfu Mountain Spring. With the wish of "good water and prosperity", from Moya Spring in the primeval forest of Changbai Mountain, Taurus water, which tastes light and smells of soft ice and snow, will be brought to the reunion table during the Spring Festival.

with the blessing of Taurus Water during the Spring Festival, it not only has the meaning of "gathering wealth" to make the elders happy, but also brings the young people a lot of "bull spirit" in the new year.

in February 1-February 12 raffle Mini Program opens the Spring Festival special edition area, participate in the task every night at 20:00 regular lottery, carve up the extra Taurus. There are also good gifts such as coupons for delivering water to the house and Nongfu Spring Brand House.

Chinese New year is like a rest station for dividing a long life.