How to become an interesting person quickly?

/March 2023

I don't know since when, fun has become a G-spot for countless people.

everyone is looking forward to being an interesting person, looking forward to meeting an interesting soul. I have also read a lot of articles and found that people think it takes a long process to be an interesting person.

because if you want to be an interesting person, you have to broaden your knowledge before you have something to talk about. So the first step is to read a lot of books and learn a lot of knowledge first, which needs to be accumulated.

I don't fully agree that fun requires a lot of knowledge. The reading level of junior and senior high school students is similar, but the degree of fun is also very different.

bizarre debaters often discuss only trivial matters of life, do not like to quote classics, and are mostly vernacular, but we are easily attracted and think these people are very interesting.

Ma Weiwei even said bluntly that she hardly reads much herself, but no one thinks she is bored. So I gradually found that people will find a person interesting, in fact, because of his way of thinking.

the accumulation of knowledge is a long process, but changing thinking only requires an epiphany at that moment, which lays the foundation for quickly becoming an interesting person.

A lot of people are talking about how to be an interesting person, but often ignore the most basic question: why do people find it interesting?

the Japanese TV series "legal high" revolves around Gu Meimen, an unscrupulous lawyer who loses her case. There are many interesting plots and viewpoints in the film: as a lawyer, Gu Meimen believes that truth and justice are not important, only winning the case is important.

A lot of people will tell you to pay attention to the inside, but legal high tells you that looking at the face is a great persistence; many people brag about their efforts, but they say that "the more stupid and unaccomplished people are, the more they like to put on a show of effort." many people are calling for the protection of nature, but Gumeimen won the case for those who destroyed ancient civilization.

every episode of this film attracts me so much that I have brushed it no less than five times. After studying it for a long time, I found that the reason why I found the play interesting was that it surprised me.

in addition to the unexpected views above, I was amazed by the reversal of the plot and the exaggerated interpretation of the play. It is not difficult to find that people find something interesting because it is unexpected and it exceeds our expectations.

for example, "I want to give myself to you for Christmas" and "I wanted to give you a super cute present, but the box is too small for me to get in." these two sentences express the same meaning, but because the latter gives us an accident, it is much more interesting.

however, an accident is not enough, this accident is more reasonable. To take another example, "I want to pretend to be a Christmas tree" is a bit interesting, but not so close. If it becomes "I want to pretend to be a Christmas tree and let everyone put the presents at my feet." Then this sentence will make people smile.

so understand that people make interesting comments because it is unexpected and reasonable.

after understanding why people find it interesting, the second thing we need to know is that fun is not related to usefulness, and even fun often means useless.

I like to give some strange gifts to others. I sent a few bottles of famous beer to Chen Shamian, a girl who doesn't like drinking, and ten kinds of instant noodles praised online to another girl. I also gave eight different styles of Coca-Cola to Lao Yan.

many friends will particularly dislike me for giving gifts to others like this, feeling that it is of no practical use. But I always enjoy it, and I think it's funny.

there is a segment in Mr. Qian Zhongshu's book that I particularly like. His cat fought with Lin Huiyin's cat, and Qian Zhongshu went to cheer for his cat with a bamboo pole. This kind of thing is not technically difficult, but often no one will do it because it is useless.

previously there was a "loneliness list" on the Internet. I was very curious, so according to what it said, I went to eat hot pot to sing, and some of my friends were bored. When they asked them what was interesting, what was the use of doing these things? What's the point?

this uselessness will be the basis for outsiders to ridicule you, and many people will pay special attention to this, so they don't do unexpected and useless things, behave themselves, and then continue to complain that life is boring.

so if you want to be an interesting person, realize that it doesn't bring you utilitarian benefits, it just replaces the boring part of your life.

(give Chen shameless beer)

as we mentioned earlier, fun is actually a surprising and reasonable way of thinking. If you want to grasp this kind of thinking quickly, I have the following suggestions.

one, watch a lot of jokes. Jokes are a wonderful existence that can convey an interesting idea to you in the shortest number of words. Reading jokes is much faster than reading books, and most importantly, you are happy in the process. Starting from imitating jokes, your mind will gradually get closer to the joker, who is often interesting.

two, jump out of the logical line when thinking about the problem. I have received this comment in the article: "I have a friend at the beginning of every story, and then how to blabla?" his logic line is that the beginning of the article is old-fashioned and even suspected of being made up.

I avoided the two underlying meanings in his words and replied, "because if the story begins with: I have a girlfriend, I'm afraid people can't bear it."

if you want to make an ingenious answer, you often have to learn to refute each other's views and questions. Did he ask the right question? Is there any other way for me to reply like this? Would it be better to go in a circle? Keep this thinking consciously, and you will soon find that youThe answer is getting more and more interesting.

three, first learn to complain about yourself and find your own characteristics. I love the wonderful work said that each wonderful work has two characteristics, one is self-deprecating, the other is unique.

people who laugh at themselves tend to be confident. You have to have this confidence in order to make your expression moving.

pursuing the approval of others and abandoning your own characteristics will often make people think you are funny, not funny.

the last point many people are saying is knowledge. A wide range of knowledge reserves do have indelible benefits. You can not only quote the classics, but also respond to all conversations. The most important thing is that this interesting book is a little more compelling, rather than simply shrewd. A lot of knowledge can better reconstruct your way of thinking.

everyone in this society is making progress. Last week's jokes have become bad this week. Keeping a certain degree of reading will keep you abreast of the times.

of course, even if it is the acquisition of knowledge, I have a good way to make you lazy.

one is to watch high-quality film reviews. If you don't have time for two hours, you must have time for two minutes, right?

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the second is to chat with skilled and interesting people and learn from others.

the third is to watch high-quality speeches, which can tell you a lot of information in a short period of time, and even lead you to find your unique and interesting ways, such as TEDx Pearl River New Town Annual Conference.

on January 14, there were as many as nine lecturers at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, taking you to discuss interesting topics.

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in fact, these topics are not only interesting, but also have a hint of search. TEDx Pearl River New City this speech is closely related to us and the city, it is not to keep pace with the times, but a cross-era discussion, everyone can get what to think about.

if you don't know which step to become an interesting person, you might as well start with this speech and click to read the original text to buy tickets for more details.