I advise you not to go after the one you like.

/March 2023

the more you like someone, the more you can't rush to chase him, you have to attract him first. It's like playing a game, you can't just go to the crystal, you have to push the tower first. "

I was stunned by this remark.

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I don't know where she learned it, but watching her say it solemnly, it also has the unique appeal of a teenager.

and when you think about it, she is right. On the contrary, we often forget that

it is better to be better than to be good to a person.

I remember occasionally hearing some people ask, "Why did I do so much for him, but he still wanted to leave me?"

to be honest, I was in this doubt for a while.

the source of doubt is not reconciled to it, because always feel that "being good to one person" is the way to keep each other.

thus breeds the gap of "I have worked so hard, but the other party is ungrateful".

until later I saw Huang Zhizhong say on Weibo:

is actually the same as what my cousin said.

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watching my new sister standing on the stage, I was a little lost in the audience.

suddenly a little grateful to the boy who appeared at that time, at the right age, in a gentle and secret way, inspired a girl to want a better heart.

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