I deleted the Wechat of the person I like.

/March 2023

A year ago, Lao Yan silently deleted her Wechat because of the words "I have someone I like" from the girl she likes.

I watched him unseemly delete the rest of the photos and everything about each other, frowning: "anyway, you are all friends, there is no need to delete them." Even if you want to delete it, at least let me know. "

Lao Yan answered me with a heavy face: "the real departure is silent." I deleted her not for something, but to put it down. "

rolled his eyes, after many people are lovelorn, the first thing to do is to delete. It seems that he is very cool and decisive, and there is an air of heroic sacrifice of a strong man with a broken arm.

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but the funny thing is, I can always see Lao Yan constantly peeking at each other's moments, even though there are only avatars, cover pictures, personal signatures and a horizontal line on it.

after that day, Lao Yan didn't really let it go, and he even got into the habit of guessing how the other person was doing through avatars, personal signatures and cover pictures.

this habit lasted for half a year. I shook my head, and this formal "put down" didn't work at all.

it seems that those who like to delete have a kind of escape in their bones.

Lao Yan, who is in the mood of escape, always has a slight sense of restlessness. Despite his repeated restraint, one day he accidentally said excessive words to his friend Ah Guo.

A Guo stared at him with clenched teeth, gasped for breath, and turned away without saying a word. I told Lao Yan to apologize to her on Wechat.

as a result, after Lao Yan sent "I'm sorry", he found that he had been deleted.

asked him to quickly add Ah Guo back, only to see that he pursed his mouth and said, "that's it." She deleted me because of a word, which shows that I am not very important in her heart. "

so I had to run at both ends, and finally got the two together again. After Lao Yan-chi hesitated and apologized, Ah Guo's first sentence was: "wait for you for so long, you just don't add me back." Is it because I'm not important to you at all? "

the old face stayed where he was, speechless. At that moment, I suddenly realized that the deletion doesn't look muddy, but the person behind it is really not that cool.

if you don't care about a person, you just let him lie quietly on the list. Only when you care about someone madly can he hurt you even if he is silent.

that night, Lao Yan hesitated for a moment and then added the girl he liked.

I asked him why, and he finally said frankly, "in fact, I deleted her without saying a word. Like Ah Guo, I wanted to see if she would take the initiative to come to me." After looking for it, whether I am so important that she is willing to add me back. "

blocking is not a chance for the other party to disturb himself at all, and the other party can take the initiative to add it back after deletion, and it has a "way out". So to delete the back of a person, in addition to pretending to want to put it down, more is temptation.

want to test whether I am that important in the end, if not, then I can no longer find a reason to stick to it.

after a pause, Lao Yan added: "in the six months since I deleted her, I have been struggling to see if she noticed me and whether she is doing well." Add her back because you really want to face this relationship and end it.

"deleting a person from the list does not mean deleting feelings about her."

leaving quietly is more like running away. You leave your feelings there and turn around, as if you don't have to face it.

but the emotion is still there, impartial.

some people think it's cool to delete friends, which seems to represent a victory at the end of the relationship.

but whether it is Lao Yan or Ah Guo, the moment they press delete, they do not want to win, but do not want to lose too badly. I decided to run away because I knew there was no chance of winning, and I didn't want to see myself defeated, so I left in a hurry.

but the next time he accidentally appears in front of you, you will still be run over by the outcome that you have been waiting for for a long time.

escape is not shameful, but it is useless. Good night.