I didn't expect this year to go by like this.

/March 2023

the fantasy drifting of Pi says: "Life just keeps letting go, but unfortunately, we always have no time to say goodbye."

in my opinion, saying goodbye is a ritual in dealing with the past.

No matter whether you have a good year or not, all joys and sorrows will be lost by you at the moment when the New year's bell rings.

it is about to become everyone's past tense, and no one can go through it again.

so, even if I am a person with a weak sense of ritual, I still want to say goodbye to the past year in some special way on the last day of each year.

this morning, I threw this idea into the editorial group, and we decided that everyone would summarize their 2016 in one word, followed by a favorite photo of the year.

@ Zhang thorns


"as long as you live, good things will happen."

I didn't believe this sentence before because I didn't take it seriously. Reading is reading, part-time is part-time, reading, writing, listening to music and watching movies seems to be free work, but it is just "letting nature take its course".

the eel whale once chatted with the reader and asked her when it was the most unforgettable month of the year.

one second the reader was smiling, but the next tears welled up on his face.

she said that her father died in that month and was the eldest daughter again. All of a sudden, there was no one who could make a decision in the family's business. she couldn't eat porridge in the ward in the morning and had to negotiate business with others in the afternoon.

she is in the third year of high school this year, so she can't hide her smile. She said, "it's much better now. It's not that hard."

after she left, I looked back at my life and began to believe that "as long as you live, something good will happen." Even if not, the hardest and hardest are gone. "

@ eel whale


Last year, I gave myself a New year gift, which is a photo printer. At that time, I decided to do something to print out the unforgettable moments of the year and give them to my friends. So I became a magician. Every time I parted, I would secretly take out a photo and write touching words on the back.

actually I don't remember this. When they asked me about the word, I secretly went through the moments of the year. This year, I wrote 20w + words, participated in more than 30 activities and made 300w short films. I seem to have done a lot of things, getting busier and busier, and posting less and less on moments.

but I will never do the little things that seem to waste time but make myself happy again. For example, the unforgettable moments I wanted to record with that photo printer were never updated after running out of photo paper on January 27. This is true not only of printers, but also of many things.

Today, on my way to Guangzhou for the New year, I was jammed for three hours to cycle hello nico's "what's next?" There is a lyric in it, "I have to wait for myself to start to feel tired, but forget which door is the exit."

but fortunately, when I forget myself, I also forget the people I can't forget all the time.

@ Tongc

long time no see, I'm Tong c. At this moment, with the last day before the end of 2016, I am sitting barefoot on the floor to meet you like the last day of last year.

in June 2016, I wrote an article about my views on "celibacy", in which I expressed my love of freedom in thousands of words. At that time, I really thought I would, as I said when I was a freshman, "I may not fall in love for four years in college, because liking someone is really uneasy all day long."

but a month has not passed, in a disorganized offline activity, I met my current boyfriend. He reversed my original view of love several times, exactly how, later I will write an article on dog food to tell you.

another "counter" thing is that in October this year, I went to the hospital with suspicion and found that I was ill. I thought this illness would put me in the dark, but on the contrary, I felt better and better, just like the weather today. I think I will write an article to tell you about this illness and the feelings it brings.

Happy New year and wish you a happy New year.


Life is a process of constantly cutting off the past and meeting with the future, and so is my 2016.

write out the original creation of the band, play all the livehouse in Dongguan, go to Guangzhou to participate in the competition, put in a lot of energy and painstaking efforts, and finally give the last performance in the rock night of science and technology, disbanded.

I got back in touch with the girl I liked at the age of 17. When I saw her again four years later, I found that she was no longer what I liked. What I had been thinking about was just the girl I imagined. Put it down.

I have always believed that the world is conservative and that you have to cut off something when you want something.

for example, I have encountered chaos that is highly related to myself, such as getting to know a lot of interesting readers.

for example, regain the ability to love someone.

cut off the past, so take something new and go together in 2017.

@ Wang Zepeng


all the losses and gains this year are related to "finding".

I was very busy in the first half of the year. I went to different schools to participate in different activities, tried different jobs, and met different people, all in order to find directions, find people I like, and find an answer of my own.

in the second half of the year, I finally found the direction, the person I like and the answer. But you still have to keep looking: find a way to stick to this direction, find a way to like her, and find the reason behind this answer.

then I finally understand that confusion is the norm, because after you find something, there is always the next thing waiting for you to look for.

but you can't stop in the same place because you are confused. Next year, you still have to look, keep looking.

@ Lili


there are two favorite words in 2016, one is "Don't pursue mediocre opportunities", the other is "too afraid of failure, that's why you fail."

if I had gone back to a year ago, I would never have thought of what I would be like at the end of 2016. And these "unexpected", all because of the courage to choose, to stand on tiptoe to do some "unimaginable" things.

joining chaos was one of the most important turning points for me in 2016. The people I met and the things I did after that were inextricably linked to chaos, all because of the opportunities and influences brought to me by chaos. It was "lucky" and "warm".

by the way, "Yong" is still a song by Yang Qianyu, "how to be on the brink of a precipice /flat ground for you", thanks to the most important you you have ever met in chaos, this is the best gift of 2016.

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@ Zhiyuan


received a question yesterday, "what word would you use to end the year with one word?"

when I saw this question, I was lying on the bed in the dormitory just after the exam.

I don't know when I fell asleep. I had a long dream. I remember that I had thought of the answer to the question in the dream, but I couldn't remember which word it was when I woke up. The harder you try to recall the situation in your dream, the less you remember.

I try to think back to this year's life.

the time when it collapsed because of failure and parting was like a dream, empty and real, over and over again.

now I seem to have a wonderful life, although I don't know what the highlight is.

what will happen the next second? I don't know, and I can't remember what happened the second before.

but I know I'm fine at this moment.

good night, Dream 2016.

I have asked many people around me: "if you were asked to describe this year in one word, what word would you use?" Interestingly, many people's first reaction is: can you use a few more words?

when I seriously told them no, they would suddenly sink down, seriously think about this year, and try to find a word to describe it.

the purpose of using a word to describe this year is to let us calm down and think about the changes of the year and tell ourselves what kind of year it is.

Zhang Jingzhi said in the end of the year, "Thank you for listening to us this year. Now, it's our turn to listen to you for a year."

so, why not now, think about a word that belongs to this year, tell me, tell your friends in your circle of friends, let people who are interested in getting to know you get to know you.