I don't like my major either.

/March 2023

"I don't like my major at all"

during the immediate departure 2.0 event in Zhuhai a few days ago, I talked to my team members about "major".

I asked them, "do you like your major?"

everyone answered me "I don't like it", then drank sugar water and began to complain, and everyone explained "what kind of experience it is to face a major you don't like every day."

I breathed a sigh of relief because for a while I thought it was a "wrong" thing.

at that time, I was afraid of being asked what my major was, because once I said I was an English major, people would ask, "then you must be good at English?" "did you pass CET-4 and CET-8?" Faced with such problems, I can only shake my head and smile awkwardly.

memorizing words and brushing test papers day after day is too painful for me. I don't think it suits me at all.

when I went back, I asked a lot of people around me and found that most of the people around me didn't like their major either.

in fact, it is not difficult to understand that from primary school to the college entrance examination, it took us 12 years to be taught "how to be a generalist", a versatile person who is proficient in all kinds of comprehensive subjects.

but when the college entrance examination is over, we only have two weeks to think about which major we want to be.

almost everyone makes decisions in a hurry. Some people fill in their wishes vaguely, and some people give them to their parents. When they really come into contact with the true face of this thing, they find out, "ah?" This major is not my favorite major at all! "

"No, then what?"

in an ordinary ordinary university like mine, there are countless people dawdling along. P is a microcosm of it.

he is a very easy-going person. He follows the time of class, the final grade, and whether he is in love or not. he seems to be very busy every day, running around in the club and socializing, but in fact he is so busy that he can't find any name.

he spends hours in Zhihu every day, feeling like he is swimming in the ocean of fragment knowledge. In fact, after you pick him up, you will find that the knowledge is all fragments, and there is nothing to hold at all.

"do you think I want to dawdle along? It's just that I'm not interested in finance at all. I like design. "

"I can't help it. I was forced to change my major by my father, otherwise I wouldn't be like this."

"Design book? I bought it, but I'm too busy to read it. "

every time I talk to him and he starts to complain about his current situation, I have to change the subject quickly, for fear that I can't help but pour cold water on him-- "come on, you like a fart." it sounds like you can study hard in a different major. "

I remembered that Thorn said in his speech that many people told him that they liked writing very much and wanted to join the chaos.

he was very happy at first. He said yes, how many words have you written? send me the works you think are better.

as a result, those people all said, "I'm just writing a diary. I haven't started writing yet."

most of the time, people will use "actually I like another major" to deceive themselves and others, to escape, to serve as an excuse for not liking the current major.

what you really like, you are never willing to keep it waiting for you for too long, otherwise you will tarnish the word "like".

this is true for both people and things.

"I like it, then what?"

every time I had a holiday in the last two years, what I feared most was that my father made a pot of tea and said to me, "come on, let's sit down and talk."

every time he asks me, "when can I pass the fourth grade?" "have you ever thought about what you're going to do after graduation? I'm not going to let you get old. " "you don't like business, and you don't study hard, so what do you want to do?"

I seldom went home at that time, because I had to face these real problems every time I got home.

when I am outside, when I sing a song on the stage, I can win everyone's applause. They will tell me, "you sing so well." they will tell me that you are really good at writing.

what a fart.

the easiest way to determine "amateur" and "professional" is to ask yourself if you can make a living on it.

when our hobbies reach a certain level, there will always be compliments, because you put more energy into it than most people, and you will gain something, but these small achievements will often paralyze ourselves and immerse yourself in it.

but you know, at this time, people who give praise are also amateurs.

I can't make professionals feel "good", so why should I live on it? Why dare to give up your major?

many times we blame our parents for interfering with our choices and forcing ourselves to do things we don't like.

actually, it is because we have no choice, the things we like are not enough to become a "professional", so they will force you to learn a "professional" skill.

"the only one who can save you"

one day a few months ago, my student committee told me that tonight was the deadline for applying for the teacher qualification certificate, and the exam was three months later.

I opened the browser and did a set of real questions in previous years. I found that my grades were very mediocre. In order to get a certificate, I had to put down everything else to prepare for the exam and devote myself to my major.I will become a teacher after graduation.

at that time, I said to myself that it was time to make a decision-to compromise my "dislike", to go on professionally, or to be a "disobedient" person. To live the way you want to be.

I remember that an elder with a successful career once said to me, "there are only two kinds of successful people in this world. One is those who can clearly and correctly find their own direction and goals, and keep striving for them." The other is people who don't know what they want to do, but can do everything well. "

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then, it sounds sadder for me to "know what I want but don't work hard for it" than "I don't know what I want and I can't do anything well."

the feeling of losing to yourself is worse than losing to others.

so I gave up applying for the examination. Instead, I bought reference books on writing online, began to learn systematically and boring how to turn my "hobby" into a "major", and began to consciously collect materials and start thinking in a new way of thinking.

knock everything down first, admit that you are rubbish, and start all over again.

I know that I am the only one who can save me.

finally, I would like to say that rebellion may sometimes be better than disobedience, because the experience of others may not be suitable for you.

but if your rebellion is just blind rebellion, it's better to be obedient and live like someone else than to accomplish nothing.

good night.