I hate Guangzhou, but I always want to go there.

/March 2023

I don't like Guangzhou at all. "

I have been to Guangzhou countless times, and I have said this sentence countless times, because I always think it is too fast.

walking on the streets of Guangzhou, you will find that everyone is walking in a hurry. Except for those who send flyers to drag you to the gym and those who ask you to sign up to learn English, almost no one will take one more look at you. Of course, you always have no time to keep your eyes on them for another second.

and, no matter when you take the subway, you can use your body to really understand the meaning of the word "surging crowd".

it's like every time I go there, either I'm in a hurry to attend an event, or I'm in a hurry to meet friends, or I'm in a meeting with other editors, but I'm always pinching the time anyway. Non-stop from one destination to the next.

such "fast" always makes people feel uncomfortable, and I often wonder what the meaning of this kind of life is.

I went back to Shantou last night, which is a leisurely city compared to Guangzhou.

so much so that I can still take some money from my father's wallet at two or three o'clock in the morning and go downstairs for a midnight snack, and there are as many options as there are people on the street.

the network in this city is so small that if you go downstairs for a bowl of soup, you may meet acquaintances, and when you leave, you will be told by your boss that someone has just paid for you, or grab someone casually on the street. there is a good chance that he may be a friend of your friend.

the environment of such a leisurely small city is always easy to make people feel comfortable, so comfortable that it seems easy to do anything here.

so almost every time I go home, I argue with my elders about "should I go back to Shantou after graduation?"

most of them are dismissive of the idea of yearning for the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I have heard more than once from different elders that whose children fell out with their parents after graduation and had to go to Guangzhou for development. as a result, the monthly salary is only enough to pay the rent, and you can't even pay the rent after a year and a half. You don't have to come back in the end, so don't hit your head outside.

or whose children are well-behaved, stay here according to their parents' advice, find a job with a lot of money and free time, and get a high salary for a few hours at work every day, and they don't have to spend extra money on food and lodging. This is the advantage of listening to the old man.

in the past, I always tried to refute them, and even persuaded my friends not to come back after graduation.

but gradually I find that more and more people can't live in big cities, while people who return to small cities live comfortably and comfortably.

I almost believed what my elders said.

until then, by chance, I chatted with a brother who came back to work in Shantou. He said, "this is one of the choices I regret most."

there is no "relationship" in his family, but his parents still ask him to go back, so he can only send his resume and interview on his own, and finally find an ordinary job with an average salary.

he told me that everyone at work is busy. After clocking in and doing the most basic things every day, he spends hours drinking tea and watching videos in front of the computer. He seems to be an outlier when he works hard.

because of his efforts, his salary began to increase slowly, reaching a good level, but what makes people feel poisonous is that people who have special relationships and are sociable basically do nothing but get promoted and paid at the same rate.

after he finished speaking that day, he shook his head in front of me, smiled bitterly and said, "it's no fun without fair effort."

I suddenly found that where your network is small, your laziness and incompetence may be made up for by human feelings, so that you can live a more comfortable life.

but similarly, your diligence and ability may lose its original value because of this kind of human kindness.

There is no argument that high neck wedding dresses are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

many people yearn for big cities, but they have no idea what going to big cities means to them. they just rebel in order to rebel and flee in order to escape. as a result, they come back with a face full of dirt, and they have to be reduced to the conversation materials used by the previous generation to preach.

neither they nor their elders clearly recognize the meaning of going to a big city. It is neither "freedom" far from home, nor the so-called "making more money".

compared with small cities, the network in big cities is much simpler, which makes the "human relationship" factor have less impact on work and life, and more significance for young people is that it gives most people a law of the jungle environment, while "strong" has nothing to do with "weak" other, only depends on your efforts and ability.

this environment may be cruel, but it is relatively fair.

I began to understand that Guangzhou has such a fast sense of rhythm because in this fair environment, there is no way for everyone to stop, and the weak will be mercilessly eliminated at the slightest neglect.

Last week I went to Guangzhou again. At 03:00 in the morning, I was dropped off by a hitchhiker at the west gate. It was the first time I walked on the streets of Guangzhou without rushing.

the street was a little frighteningly deserted, except for a sanitation worker cleaning the street, a middle-aged man running naked by the side of the road, and two women dragging suitcases as if they were going to Baiyun Airport to catch a night flight. No one.

after walking a little further, I looked up at the intersection and suddenly found the four big words "Fubon Center" hanging over my head.

I have held topic selection meetings, attended activities and had dinner with friends around here, which is supposed to be familiar to me.But now it takes me a while to recognize what it looks like.

because it contrasts so much between day and night, the bustling area of the day is so quiet that there are only street lamps in the middle of the night, but the bustling road is empty at this time.

I can't help but sigh in my heart: Guangzhou is a city without late night, probably because it is so tired during the day that it is exhausted.

but I also know that the moment the day begins to dawn, it will recover and carry everyone running non-stop.