I prefer to live "deliberately" rather than perfunctory.

/March 2023

Today the Winter Solstice woke up and subconsciously shared Eason Chan's "when the grapes are ripe", derived from the sentence, "almost the Winter Solstice, there is still rain in the morning and night."

A friend in junior high school who has not been in touch for a long time commented under the moments, "pretending to be the time of the year?" With that, he shared it with himself, and I replied with a honey smile, "what do you know? it's called a ceremony."

We hardly get in touch with each other, but every year during the festival, sharing the same songs has actually become a tacit connection.

many people hate mass texting during festivals, but festivals also have a meaning in that they give us a sense of ritual. Perhaps the festival itself is not so important to us, but in its name, those greetings that are usually afraid to express have a natural excuse to contact.

when I was a child, I didn't like tangyuan. I always thought it was too sweet and greasy. Our family created a unique custom: every time we went to the Winter Solstice, we must cook mung bean soup instead of dumplings.

the first thing I learn to cook is mung beans, of course, and mung bean soup is also skillful. You have to master the heat, how much water you need to add, how much water you want to add, how much it tastes best, and how much sugar you add so that it won't get bored.

recently, far summer has been pestering me to cook for him, but I have refused it many times. On the contrary, I have been very generous in cooking it for other friends, which made him feel very angry. I saw him post a "melancholy" circle of friends in the early morning. "I've been up all night for you. Remember to come and have a taste when you're free. It couldn't be better to bring your mung bean soup when you come."

I didn't tell him that according to our family custom, mung bean soup is cooked for important people in the Winter Solstice.

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Today, the Winter Solstice, I got up at 07:30 in the morning and pushed the dense pile of work into the afternoon and evening. I spent the whole morning cooking mung bean soup, putting it in a box, putting it into a Kraft paper bag, and another hour. I changed the car twice to his place, knocked on the door, he opened the door, I raised the bag high and shook it in front of him. "Oh, young man, your mung bean soup."

I explained to him the story of mung bean soup, and he was silent. Later, I saw him post a picture in his moments--

others could not understand why he still had so much free time to do such a thing when he was overwhelmed by exams and work. Can't mung bean soup be delivered one day?

by the way, I don't know when you start to pursue "festive feeling" or "ritual feeling", you will be accused of "pretending to be forced", so that many people dare not do things that seem "no need to spend time". You don't even dare to invite others to celebrate the festival, you don't want to bother to give gifts, and you don't dare to go out alone during the holiday.

Wu Nianzhen has an article called "ceremony". Ah Cheng, a young man in his early twenties, was sentenced to death for committing a gang robbery. His father claimed the body and went to the funeral parlour.

"A Cheng's father looked like a typical farmer, with shiny black skin and thick fingers. For this rare trip, he rarely put on the shirt and suit trousers that he would normally put in a box. Because you can smell camphor balls when you get close.

he specially put on the shirt and suit trousers he usually collected in his suitcase, and it seemed that he had to bid farewell to the public in order to achieve this date, because every year from now on, it will have one more name and one more reason to be written down-"the anniversary of Ah Cheng's death."

Primary school no matter being bullied, aggrieved, having conflicts with my classmates, no matter how sad I am, I must first finish my homework, wait until school is over, sweep the floor, walk home, open the door, lock the door, turn on the music, the time has come to start crying.

to comfort a person, you must hold his hands with both hands, or hug them, because this is the only way to transfer temperature.

A person with a strong sense of ritual attaches importance to all anniversaries, festivals, birthday wishes, red parcels for Christmas, and the first phone call for the New year. A person's sense of ritual shows how much he attaches importance to the texture of life and to that person.

at the "Ferry Man" movie party yesterday, many people left a message that "I would like to go, but there is no one to accompany me". It reminds me why some people care so much about spending the holidays alone.

when Christmas is alone, many people will subconsciously "sell" their Christmas schedule before the holiday. Yesterday alone, I saw two or three moments with screenshots saying, "the Christmas season is out."

I used to be this kind of person. I was afraid of being alone and desperately wanted to "sell myself". As long as someone was together, I wouldn't walk so abruptly in the crowd.

Last Christmas Eve, it was raining. I went to the movies with another friend who was alone. I specially changed into a new red sweater that day. The movie experience was so bad that several girls next door were screaming and complaining all the time, and knocked over the popcorn on me twice.

that night, in the lively Christmas songs on the street, after saying goodbye to friends, I walked alone by the side of the road, listening to "then I know what you mean", "forgive me for knowing your sadness", "how many humble days have passed, and how many tasteless dinners have been spent, while it is still raining in the lonely winter, and the city is still lonely at night."

at that time, I passed a Chaoshan casserole porridge, hesitated for a few seconds, went in, sat down alone in the corner, ordered a pot of shrimp porridge for 50 yuan, poured water, washed dishes, and served porridge. I was sitting in the crowd in that red sweater. It was strange that it was a midnight snack for one person, but the satisfaction was much better than that of a movie for two.

after that time, I knew that I didn't care whether it was a person or a group of people. I paid attention to holidays and rituals because I didn't want toToday is the same as yesterday, morning and night are the same, whether to love or not to be loved is the same.

I prefer to live deliberately, admit that I attach importance to the holidays and receive gifts seriously.

so this Christmas, we planned to organize a three-day "Sally's Christmas Fair" in conjunction with the Expo Group, SoWhat.

Sally's Christmas Bazaar

place | Expo Square, Dongcheng Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City

partner | Expo Group SoWhat

what is a "barter" grocery store?

you can exchange everything you think is interesting on the spot, for example, we recently collected gifts left by other people's exes, CD, Nokia's old mobile phone that has been with us for eight years, of course, it can also be a letter, a story, a book, as long as you are willing to bring, we are willing to exchange.

the gift exchanged with you is random, it may be a thorn, it may be mine, or it may be a stranger from another city, and you will intersect in this grocery store.

of course, this gift may not be a real thing, it may be a video that we find interesting, meaningful and useful for life, an article, or some interesting activities, including "eel whale as your friend for three days", "one day with you in summer", "thorns write a story for you", and the city adventures we have held in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, "set out now", and so on.

the Creative Market site also has 30 stalls, which are divided into Uncle Jock's theater (stage area), Grandma Jesse's kitchen (gourmet area), Capale's retro market (market area) and Sally's amusement park with her partners (interactive area). It will create the Christmas market closest to the foreign atmosphere for the first time in Dongguan.

in addition, we will hold a "ferryman" Christmas movie party in the Expo Square on the afternoon of the 24th (for details, please see last night's side push).

time: 13:00-16:00 on December 24th

(pick up tickets at the cinema booth at 12:50)

venue: China Film volcanic Lake Cinema (3 /F, area G, Expo Square, Dongguan)

quota limit: 100people

(Note, you are required to wear red accessories or clothes)

Registration method: click "read original text" at the end of the article. You can buy it.

how should we celebrate the festival?

live with chaos, of course.

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