I want to get married because of my boyfriend's mother.

/March 2023

I remember one night, I quarreled with my boyfriend and ran out angrily.

when the anger subsided and I tried to make up with him, I found that he was playing a game and had no idea what had happened.

the angry and funny me shared it on Weibo.

unexpectedly, when she was seen by her aunt, she called and reprimanded her boyfriend:

"Why are you so busy playing games that you don't even know that someone else is out? it's very dangerous for a girl to be out at night."

is the kind of account that doesn't have an avatar and doesn't post anything, but likes almost every one of my posts.

and every time my boyfriend has a video call with his family, my aunt will say:

"Buy more food for your girlfriend. It's too thin. Don't be blown away by the wind later."

I don't understand Chaoshan dialect. My boyfriend translated all these to me.

it's the same concern that makes me understand that although a relationship can go on, it's up to them.

but it will be easier for them to go if they can be recognized by their family and friends.

even if I accidentally fall, there are still a lot of inconspicuous hands that have been silently wrapped around me.

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