"I was laughed at by 700 million people in Kuaishou."

/March 2023


before the fast hand treatment, you will often browse some videos of extreme operations for the sake of fire, and there is even no lack of "eight eats shit".

at that time, many people's views on Kuaishou were all negative, and even I unconsciously regarded it as a standard to judge a person in the midst of large-scale opposition. You see, Kuaishou, you are low-level.

now looking back on such an idea, it is indeed narrow-minded.

interestingly, after the renovation, all the videos that were too extreme were blocked, followed by earthy videos that were tried out again and again on the edge.

it is those rustic videos that turn the same prejudice from previous condemnation into a tool to be "exploited".

while laughing at them, I enjoyed the satisfaction and instant happiness they brought me.

I can't help praising the Kuaishou classmate in front of me, though it's ironic: "Yeah, Kuaishou is boring without you ugly guys."

"it's not selfless at all, it's just for money, who can do it?" he didn't mind my praise, "but now it's not just us, there's a lot of serious content."

whether it is the people of Wuhan who cry while listening to the song of the city of Wuhan playing in the supermarket, or the sentence sung by my fellow villagers who are stranded in Wuhan and can't go home, "Brother, where are you Gaha? I'm not going back this year."

all let me realize the diversity of this platform, and even the multifaceted nature of life.

then turn to feel ashamed that they have only seen those videos of "acting ugly" and denigrate the narrowness of the entire platform.

but thinking that you are standing high, commenting on a thing at a low level is not destined to be proud of.

later we talked about a lot of things, and he told me that sometimes he would read what I wrote, but he couldn't understand it, but he didn't understand it, and he wouldn't scold what I wrote.

because I can clearly understand those local videos, but I still laugh and say, "what stupid things are you shooting?"

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author /Dafu

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