If you quarrel with your partner, you'd better use PPT.

/March 2023

they creatively apply this method of time management to their relationships:

they spend 30 minutes alone every 3 hours together.

when two people are stuck together for more than 16 hours, they spend more time alone.

more and more people begin to fall in love in a rational way.

make an emotional career plan before you find a partner.

quarrel with your partner, it's best to use ppt.

@ A Bai

after many people fall in love, one of the most concerned issues is how to calculate their daily expenses.

especially when you live together and the cost of living can no longer be easily separated from you and me.

if you have the same problem, then my following method may give you some ideas:

first of all, we spend 45% of our salary each month as living funds shared by the two of us.

for the expenses of paying rent, utilities, eating together, buying groceries and snacks and drinks.

secondly, we insist on keeping accounts and use excel to make a "couple's Financial statement this month" at the end of each month.

it objectively records where our money is spent, which part of the deficit, which part of the surplus.

with intuitive data, income and expenditure are clear at a glance.

it is also very clear how to adjust next month.

of course I know that some people will feel uncomfortable about this and think that the excel table is a sign of haggling.

but I think that when a relationship comes behind, it has to be integrated into the trivial life, into the excel tables that say "buy vegetables" and "electricity and electricity".

and we want to calculate more clearly, but we just want to go further.


using the excel table, it is found that one column of overhead has turned red (representing overspending).

thinking about what to do, my boyfriend leaned over and said, "next, save a little for the holiday. You can search [coupons] on Alipay. You can eat Haagen-Dazs ice cream for 1 yuan." Then get the tea of Naxue, the divine voucher of Burger King, and it's a big meal to round up.

at this point, I can't help but remind you in front of the screen:


many people, including myself, think that love should be emotional, romantic and impulsive.

this is a long-standing stereotype.

until I saw "running away is shameful but useful," and found that the hero and heroine in it can actually "fall in love" in the way of work, I changed.

maybe the types of emotions are much richer than we thought.

but if we bring some rationality into the relationship, it is more convenient for us to get along, then we can be rational.

whether you are doing ppt or using excel, it is essentially to make each other more comfortable.

Don't forget that intuition and impulse can bring two people together.