I'm a little worried about those "dead" group chats.

/March 2023

Last night, a WeChat group that had been silent for a long time suddenly "faked the corpse".

it vibrates to prompt for new information, which means that it is a group chat that was once too important to be blocked by me. But it is also very sad that the message I received is not "what have you been doing recently" or "miss you", but a 12.12 shopping strategy. This makes me very angry, how is it different from those who want to retweet, like, and vote to think of your group chat.

at that time, I was chatting with two friends in a coffee shop in Guangzhou. I was a little confused and asked them, have you ever had a group chat that was once very important but ended up sinking into the sea?

I thought I was the only one. It turned out that they all had this experience.


Lao Lin used to form a band in university. he was the bassist of the band. when he was a sophomore, he liked a girl who was an assistant in the band. Lao Lin was a shy engineering man, and the only way he could express his feelings was to perform. in addition, his social skills and expression skills are so weak that even girls in the same team dare not chase her in private.

all he could do at that time was to tell all kinds of jokes in the group every day, because there were four boys and only one girl in the group. On the surface, they seemed to be told to four people, but in fact they were only told to her all the time.

I asked him, "and then what happened?"

"then she was with the lead singer. As you know, on the stage, the lead singer is always the first to attract people, and we are more like supporting roles. "

I asked with a bit of huff and puff, "if I'm right, the lead singer should be very good at flirting, right?"

he nodded tacitly, "that guy is very flirtatious and talks until midnight every day."

Lao Lin said that when chasing that girl, he thought group chat was a divine existence. All the things he dare not express blatantly can be done around a few bends in the group. For example, in the group, he can naturally ask her what she is doing. In the group, when she is sick, he can naturally say, "remember to drink plenty of hot water."

in the group, he has an excuse to talk to her every day.

until she announced her relationship with the lead singer in the band, pushing the atmosphere to an awkward peak, and the graduation season, the band broke up, and Lao Lin never spoke in the group since.

that day he finally dared to admit, "I've always lied to myself that I lost to his aura, but in fact I lost to my own cowardice. Who would like a boy who only dares to make people flirt through group chat?"

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because I like someone, I like that group chat, but most of the time, that person doesn't like you because of that group chat.

like the feelings mentioned above, this kind of group chat will not live long.


Ah, annoying to talk about another kind of group chat. In the first year of high school, more than a dozen people who had a good relationship in the class set up a WeChat group. Miraculously, the group chat never stopped for three years. When graduation is approaching, everyone has planned a graduation trip together and planned to get together at least once a month after graduation.

at that time, we talked about everything and talked so much that we couldn't finish talking. When it comes to the evening repair every day, as long as one person is unhappy, the other person will give up his homework and go to the snack bar to buy orange soda and drink on the playground.

"but only after graduation did I know that after the division of classes, they had opened a group of seven, and there was a group of four in addition to the seven, and I had long been excluded from those seven. If I had known, I wouldn't have gossiped. It's so good to be immersed in the happiness of ten people, "he said with a wry smile.

the original division of classes is tantamount to dividing seven groups of people. Originally, when they were divided into cities to go to college, they changed from seven to four people. Now, even if they only say a word from time to time, it is often an awkward end. "is this friendship like a knockout match for Korean entertainment companies?" Oh, she asked me.

people say that time will help you sift out unimportant friends. Wechat group chat is more powerful, it can let you know when you become the other person's "unimportant friend".

in the past, we dared to say anything, never afraid that no one would answer, but now we dare not speak casually, because I am afraid of becoming the awkward "king of silence".


the topic of "building a group is a disease" was discussed with people not long ago, which stems from the reasons for building a group for eating and AA. I have encountered a lot of bad, dead group chats like Lao Lin and Ah fan, but I don't think all the building groups are meaningless consumption.

in the early morning of the first day of December, a friend I hadn't seen for a long time talked to me privately. He told me that he missed our group chat very much. The group he was talking about was a WeChat group that I was idle and bored last December and formed a WeChat group of four funny boys I knew, because I was the only girl, and they jokingly called the group the harem of eel whales. From that day on, everyone around me knew that I had a harem group.

the harem group was very warm. They never knew each other and became good friends. They went to the fake grass, drank and watched the stars together, called me in the middle of the night and shouted "good night eel whale, good night" to me at home at that time. During the winter vacation, we would have a video call in the group chat. We were reluctant to hang up for an hour or two. We went out of town to watch the beach music festival and went to the men's clothing store to buy clothes.

even though we are no longer as hot as we are now, the good news is that we still know what "sharing" is. The day he sent it to me, he said, "it's amazing to think that the group chat you don't want to build gives people of different majors, different grades and different directions an opportunity to connect."

Group chat seems to have another function, that is, through countless passers-by, click that sentence."add to the address book", finally met a good him.


there is a group in our family called "Family Group chat". I don't know who named such low. I seldom talk in it. Every day, my mother, my second aunt and my elderly relatives will retweet some interesting, funny and eye-catching tweets on it. Once my mother forwarded an article "which ten drinks is tantamount to chronic suicide" to me. I didn't reply. She transferred to the group again. At that time, I thought she was really bored.

until yesterday I had a group chat with Jingshi, and he told me something. When we went to Jinan University for a sharing meeting the day before yesterday, a reader recorded Zhang Jingshi's speech and sent it to him at the end. Bramble excitedly said "thank you" to others, not because he had more capital to show off, but because he could forward it to his parents who always cared about him.

before long, his mother forwarded the video to a large family group to chat. The group suddenly became lively, and everyone @ him, and then talked about their feelings after watching it. Most of them were "you speak very well, when will you tell us" and so on.

I laugh at him. Can't your relatives see that your mother is actually showing off her son?

Thorn said, "they know, but they want us to show off a little more about ourselves than to be silent, because that group chat is the only way for them to understand what we are thinking in their daily life."

I think of our family group chat. Many of the group conversations I joined were actually dead or submerged, but this group never disappeared. I thought it was resilient enough.

Today I know that the reason why we have always existed is that there is a group of people who will be under our stage, silently watching our performance no matter where we are or what we are doing, and then give you the warmest applause at the right time to tell you: "No matter whether you are the best or not, in our eyes, you are the best."

it's a little creepy, but I feel a little relieved when I think of the group chat that won't disappear.

listen to their stories about group chat.

I went to talk privately about the friend who sent 12.12 shopping tips in the group, and I asked her, "Why?" It feels like we have nothing more to say. "

she told me frankly, "actually, I've been trying to find something to say, but I don't know what to say or how to say it."

We talked for a long time that night, talking about the relationship we broke up and started again, talking about our respective jobs, and talking about our new friends. She told me that, in fact, the group that I thought had been dead for a long time had always been her top.

so she shared the value shopping strategy of JD.com supermarket with the group, saying that maybe discussing "buying" together is the best way to break the silence. "I know you will be interested, and you won't let me be left out."

just like JD.com supermarket 12.12, there is not only a carnival at low prices on the list of top brands in December, but also a complete category of 199 minus 100, cross-store buying 4 free 2, low prices, good goods continue, and will not let you out in the cold. (click "read the original text" at the end of the article, you can enter the hi shopping venue)

(attach this JD.com supermarket 12.12 shopping strategy)

finally. In today's soundtrack, there is a "just to say hello, I hate to see you go\". Go and say hello, even if it's just a simple "Hello", because we used to say, hate all forms of leaving without saying goodbye.

after I finished writing this article, I specially forwarded the preview and this song to those "dead" group chats. I hope that soon after this article is posted, I will get a response, even if it is only a "good night".