I'm not waiting for you.

/March 2023

looking at their eyes, I knew they were serious, but I didn't dare to agree rashly. Because I'm not sure if they're really right for messy, and I don't know if messy is really right for them. Although there seems to be no difference between the above two sentences, the starting point of the former is "they", while the latter is "disorganized".

I used to let other people join because they like to be disorganized.

but the result was so sad that he found out in less than half a month that he didn't love writing, and he joined us just to find a platform that "seems to have a lot of fans" to show off. After several arguments, I said to him, "Why don't you quit?"

he didn't say anything, but posted a screenshot of the chat to his moments and swore.

I don't blame him, because it's really my fault.

after that, I set up two rules about "accepting new students":

1. The ability of the other party should fully meet the requirements set by us.

2. Before we confirm our cooperation, we need to have a serious talk about life.

messy is to make progress with all the readers, but we can't teach everyone how to write the story and how to plan the event to be more interesting. Because there are a lot of things that you can really learn by yourself.

and we can think about one more question, if a person does not even have the ability to self-study, it is really worrying: how lazy he is, he is not even willing to make excuses.

the reason why we talk so much is that we are plotting an offline Christmas project in a disorganized way. I want ten disorganized friends to participate in this project. We hope to provide practice and experience opportunities for more thoughtful and interesting young people, and provide a communication platform for you to meet more like-minded friends.

if you want to know what kind of disorganized activities have been run, please look at the historical news yourself, because this is also one of the abilities we need to examine.

secretly tell you that those of you who are willing to click on vice-tweets have their own offices in disarray.

so, I look forward to chatting with you there and drinking Vitasoy together.

Note: successful participation in this New Blood enrollment program does not mean joining the disorganized Department of warm Men, but we will give priority to you after disorganized years.

We are looking for a New Blood like this:

1. Hope to find like-minded students

2. Think big and find a way to do it yourself

3. Reliable and responsible

4. If you have an idea, you can't help doing

5. Can get along well with everyone and have their own opinions


1. Participate /organize youth social innovation activities (such as community activities, volunteer activities, TEDx, etc.)

2. Once completely turned your ideas into reality

join us, you can gain:

1. The priority to participate in activities on our platform

2. Opportunities and experiences to make progress together

3. A free platform and a group of teammates

4. More interesting experiences and insights

5. The space to think

join us, what you need to do is:

1. Positive attitude

2. Willing to participate in the preparation and implementation of disorganized offline activities in their spare time

3. Participate in the whole Christmas project, including pre-preparation and on-site implementation, late feedback

registration method: click "read the original" to fill in the form

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1. Number: 10 (not limited to Dongguan)

2. As of time: 16:00 in the afternoon of December 16th

I don't want to wait for you, come to us

make progress together, drink Vitasoy