"I'm sorry, happy Valentine's Day."

/March 2023

"I didn't expect this year's Valentine's Day to be like this."

on the other side of the screen, I was chatting with a reader who was a participant in our event.

the content of the activity is:

single friends who have bought our products can get the same amount of our products as gifts if they take out their orders before Valentine's Day.

when planning this event, our minds are full of romantic moments and fun ideas.


We, who were originally scheduled to start work on February 2, have twice postponed offline working hours and all staff work online.

the delivery time in various places has become elusive, making it more difficult for after-sales service.

many friends who participate in Qixi Festival's activities are forced to surprise their girlfriends before Valentine's Day. some want to commemorate this special day.

but cannot arrive on time, it does not mean that the agreement is null and void.

or add our WeChat account "zlwz001" to consult about activity exchange.

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the cloth market has yet to be decided, and designers cannot choose cloth for printing, so they can only let new products lie on their computers.

various uncertainties have accumulated in different industries, and cooperative projects have been shelved accordingly.

all kinds of industries are affected, and the self-media industry is not immune. The advertising budgets of major brands have been reduced, and the company has entered what the industry calls a "cold winter" period.

on the other hand, the cluttered backstage can receive stories or feelings from different friends every day.

between friends, you should report good news as well as bad news.

probably, there are times when people who encourage others often want to be encouraged.

Don't worry, the clutter can hold up.

it's like we happen to run into a mountain, and we can certainly cope with it, but with everyone's shouts, we will climb harder.

We are never taboo to mention our difficulties or the difficulties faced by our team, and we hope that you who are reading the article will not keep your difficulties or depression in mind. The so-called "difficult" before

is just not satisfactory;

all the known and unknown changes, I hope you can support it.

at least I am optimistic. Not because the situation has changed for the better, but because everyone has not given up the opportunity to make it better.

good night.

I just want you to be healthy

do you look good?