In the new year, hold on. We can win.

/March 2023

I looked at the hard seat on the screen for 48 hours and replied, "Yes."

"but just go home." He smiled at me.

I don't know what to answer.

I think maybe after all the words "it's too hard to go home", there is an unsaid "go home no matter how difficult it is."

and in front of the expectations of the family, those troubles are just episodes before the Spring Festival.


@ Primary six

but even so, there were several times when I watched the interface helplessly and suddenly became "nothing left to sit".


@ A-Tian

until my brother called me later.

I think the reason why I was in a hurry before was that my family was afraid of waiting too long. In the time after

, I will tell myself, let nature take its course, don't worry.

in fact, the hardest part of the Spring Festival is not those who go home, but those who are waiting for us.

I remember having a reunion dinner one day and I still have some unfinished work at hand.

I have been working in the study for almost a day, feeling physically tired and in a bad mood.

after five o'clock in the evening, the family knocked on the door and said that the meal was ready, but I was left behind.

I told them to eat first without waiting for me, but they still insisted on waiting for me.

when I wanted to continue to persuade them, the little cousin outside the room shouted, "leave the regiment and wait for everyone to gather." Then there was a burst of laughter.

I was amused, too, and suddenly felt that they were not too impatient about waiting for me.

it was more than eight o'clock in the evening when I left the room after work, and everyone beckoned me to sit down and have a reunion dinner.

listening to them talk about all kinds of things at home during dinner, instead of mentioning my busy work, they told me to pay more attention to my health.

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the warmth of that moment made me understand that those who are willing to wait for us never care how long they have to wait, because what they care more about is that everyone can be there in the end.



maybe in a few years, we will be more distant than we are now, but we will soon get to know each other because of our common hobbies.

relatives and friends can not afford a game of mahjong, they can always easily start a game of mahjong.

New Year's Eve's evening is not only the Spring Festival Gala, but also "Welcome to Arena of Valor".

the winner of the Spring Festival has long been more than "a game". It is like the new custom of our young people.

how about a round in the new year?

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