In the past few days when the "man-hating mood" is running high:

/March 2023

that as soon as I use Weibo, I will have a strong feeling of "misogyny".

but I find that this mood does not last.

as long as I take a look at the boy on Douyin or interact with my boyfriend for a while, it will disappear.

it seems that his short-lived "man-hating" mood is not aimed at all men.

and tonight, I would also like to talk to you frankly about this slightly sensitive gender topic:

remember that several faces and personality traits of domestic violent men were posted on the Internet before.

I never told my boyfriend that during the most serious period of public opinion, I would compare these ten characteristics with him one by one.

I don't know if this "distrust" can be regarded as one of the effects of "misogyny" on my life.

the emotion that opposes the male group, although it can really bring us protection, it also deprives us of some warmth accordingly.

think of another single female friend who said:

"if you hate men for a long time, you will feel less and less want, or dare not fall in love."

to this end, she also listed the shortcomings of many male groups: male chauvinism, low moral sense, low sense of responsibility, arrogance and insolence.

to sum up, the line from "July and Anson":

men, it's hard to bear.

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later I found that few people have a long-term and firm aversion to men.

most girls only have intermittent "dislike of men" mood.

it breaks out as soon as you watch the news, and slowly recover as soon as you return to reality.

because the boys around me, and the male remarks on the Internet, are two kinds of temperament separated.

most of the ordinary boys around them know the most basic respect for women and have enough empathy and responsibility.

it's just that the cost of expression on the Internet is too low, and uncomfortable remarks are so eye-catching.

so much so that the gentle voices that really represent the male group are drowned out.

I want to tell a story about how I took a taxi home alone not long ago.

as a girl's vigilance, I will visit the door the next day.

"then let me turn on the far light and shine it for you. It's quite dark."

it was only at this point that I felt the kindness of this strange man.

and all we have to do is to remember the light of goodwill that has nothing to do with sex.