Internship is to face reality.

/March 2023

when I was about to go to bed last night, A Bin called me. The first sentence is: thorns, are you free?

I am afraid of such an opening statement, because it must be followed by bad news. I asked him, "what's the matter?"

"No, it's just that the first working day of 17 years is not going well. I want to talk to you about it."

work is not going well, nothing more than a few things. The boss is not good, the colleague is not good, the client is difficult to handle, the salary is not high. A Bin is an intern who has just entered, and he should not encounter the latter two situations.

but he told me that it was not the first two cases either. All the people I met in the internship company were good people, but everyone was so busy that they didn't have time to take him. On the day he first joined the company, he was about to take out his notebook and write down the suggestions of his predecessors, but the seniors told him some precautions and went to do something else, leaving him with a sentence: "this department is very training. come on."

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only later did he know that the so-called exercisers do not exercise. Like an eagle pushing a cub to the edge of a cliff, you are free to fall and forced to fly. You have to take the initiative before you have a chance to get something.

yesterday, on the first working day of 17 years, he was finally able to participate in the planning of a project, but he finally got the chance because the computer crashed inexplicably and was completely deleted before it was saved. When the elder heard the news, he sighed and said, "forget it. I'll do it."

he said that this kind of helplessness is more painful than scolding.

he tried to make up for it, but found nothing he could do on his own. Even the planner who stayed up late was taken by others at the brainstorm meeting. He knew that it was because his colleagues were embarrassed to say how bad the planner was.

I could feel his frustration over the phone: "I feel like I've been studying for four years in vain, and it's only now that I realize that I'm really good for nothing except reading."

Abin is indeed a high achiever. In high school, he always liked to tell us solemnly about the importance of grades. In the end, he took the fifth grade, but because the performance of our school is relatively poor, so the fifth can only go to a marginal heavy college.

when we were still confused in our freshman year, he said to several of our friends, "this school sucks. I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination."

I have no idea about taking the postgraduate entrance examination, but I also nod hard, because I think Abin is so smart that he will definitely pass the exam.

but I know the difference between taking the postgraduate entrance examination and not taking the postgraduate entrance examination, that is, when my circle of friends is full of cinemas and restaurants, his circle of friends has only the closed music of the library. He told me that he had made a schedule for himself from 06:30 in the morning to 11:00 in the evening, full of plans for half an hour.

but I don't know since when, A Bin stopped sending closed music, and the moments related to the postgraduate entrance examination also disappeared.

later, several of our friends had a meal together, and one of them asked, "A Bin, which school do you want to go to?"

when he heard this question, Abin froze for a moment, and then said, "I forgot to tell you that I will not take the postgraduate entrance examination." the table immediately exploded:

"Why, why don't you take the postgraduate entrance examination?" everyone was surprised at high achiever Abin's decision: "you are the only one of us who can take the postgraduate entrance examination."

"on National Day, my father told me that he hoped I would seriously consider why I should take the postgraduate entrance examination. In his opinion, it seems that I chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination in order to avoid something. \ "he said it naturally, and I can tell that this is not the first time he has talked about it.

\" and then what? Just give up? \ "I asked.

A Bin smiled and said, "I was very upset because I could think of no reason to refute my father." I used to be like your reaction just now, why not take the postgraduate entrance examination with such good grades? So I think the postgraduate entrance examination is a very natural thing, but I seem to have forgotten to ask myself why on earth I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Thinking of the end, I found that I didn't want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but just wanted to leave the school. "

speaking of this, A Bin said something that had been on his mind for a long time: "but this conclusion cannot convince my father, nor can it convince me."

so he's not giving up, he's just knowing that he's spending too much time on the wrong thing and turning around in time.

when I helped A Bin revise his resume, I realized that his university was like a blank sheet of paper. And it only draws a triangle, classroom, dormitory, canteen. Although I have won all the scholarships and have a high grade point, the column of practical experience is almost blank.

he hesitated to fill in all the class activities. I said, "good-bye, it makes you more idle."

Abin looked at me, laughing and crying. In order to drill into the keyhole called "postgraduate entrance examination", he did not hesitate to cut himself into the appearance of a key. as a result, the hole was blocked and found that he had nothing but to study.

it seems that many people will encounter this situation. we cut ourselves into a grotesque key because of some obsession, and only to find out in the end that the lock we are finally going to unlock is not the one we originally thought. In other words, we can only untie the first one.

I have seen those who want to paint and end up going to the bank; those who want to be writers end up becoming civil servants. Behind the uniform, most of them seem to move on to the next stage of life with disappointment.

in the end, because the resume was really not decent, it fell into thin air as expected.

that period of time is painful, suddenly lose direction, everyone will wander around aimlessly. He said he had been "hiding" at home for almost half a month, during which time his father talked to him several times and asked him whether he should go home to work.

so when Abin showed me that he got the internship offer, I was happy for him. But his self-complaint last night, in my opinion, fell into another "taken for granted" strange circle: "nothing but reading", so he should be "unknown in the company".

this kind of argument is also an escape.

when a person begins to blame all his failures on himself or the past, he doesn't really want to review his own problems, he is just masking his incompetence with remorse.

A Bin's problem is, first, he is not proactive enough. Because he is afraid of making mistakes, he does not dare to ask for advice, which magnifies the every move of the people around him. Second, he did not choose a good tool, we all have the responsibility to choose a good tool, because the elimination of non-human error is also the embodiment of responsibility to others.

the first problem may not be easy to solve, because it does have something to do with a person's personality. You must constantly force yourself to try and see the tail of success after a certain attempt in order to get rid of this kind of student thinking completely.

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I asked Abin on the phone: "it was so hard to make those choices, and finally I came back to Guangzhou for an internship. Do you remember why?"

"Yes," he whispered beside the phone, "Thank you. I know what to do."

before going to bed, when I saw Abin's circle of friends, he wrote: the problem doesn't disappear because of complaining and escaping. It's like a wall. You can pretend you can't see it now, but you can't hide it. Since we will meet sooner or later, we might as well break through it for the first time.

I left a message saying: in fact, this is also the case, and we will all feel better if we accept this earlier.