It turns out that there is a fresh-keeping period for the Spring Festival at home.

/March 2023

who knows the problems of relatives in WeChat groups is the real "killing", so that people have nowhere to escape.

as long as the problem is in place, we can instantly bring our status from "during the shelf life" to "outside the shelf life".

5 yuan red envelopes made them clear and clear, and immediately fell from the sweetness of the "shelf life" in the holiday to the bitterness of "outside the shelf life".

parents' dislike, like "Schrodinger's cat".

after repeated experiments, the period of keeping sweet with parents at home is less than 3 days.

and you will become the "unfilial children" of strong> lazy when chatting with relatives and friends .

use this time to precipitate a little more.

just after 12: 00, the flag disappeared into variety shows, dramas, parties, games and other entertainment.

before the holiday, I always plan to get together and have fun with different friends.

for a while, I couldn't find a common topic with my friends, so I had to keep silent.

but I don't know if it's because I lost interest in a lot of things when I grew up, or because my childhood playmates weren't around. Chinese New year, it seems to become less "fun".

the expectation of holiday happiness is gradually deteriorating, and we are even looking forward to the arrival of work and school.

it's like just mentioning boredom at home and embarrassment when friends meet. Although they are not a serious matter, they will still affect the rare holidays and good mood.

as long as we can find the right method, it can help us to prolong the "freshness period" for the Spring Festival.

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