It's New year, and I don't even dare to give you a blessing.

/March 2023


someone has been reposting pictures of "like and customize New year's wishes" on WeChat moments these two days. I didn't like any of them because the person I wanted didn't send them.

A Guo clicked on all the "custom wishes" in moments because the person she wanted sent them, but she couldn't let him see that she only wanted his custom wishes, so she liked all the friends' moments.

Lao Yan has always scoffed at this kind of game, but this time he quietly posted it on moments. He has been lovelorn for almost a month, and he has not said a word with his ex-girlfriend. He said that if his ex-girlfriend sent it, he would like it.

in the end, she didn't post or like it.

the three of us are sitting in a coffee shop tonight, and the business center outside the window is bustling with people. While grabbing red envelopes in the group, we kept wishing others a happy New year.

at some point, people don't know why they suddenly put down their phones and don't say a word. Feeling embarrassed, Ah Guo asked Lao Yan, "did you tell her Happy New year?"

Lao Yan shook his head and then nuzzled at me. I spread my hands and looked at Ah Guo. She shrugged.

so I took out my computer in the coffee shop and wrote this article tonight-for those we dare not bless during the Spring Festival.


Lao Yan was lovelorn in January.

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the lovelorn Lao Yan is so terrible that no one can persuade him. He doesn't cry or make noise. when no one mentions his ex-girlfriend, he is as good as a normal person. once he mentions it, he becomes a madman who blocks and kills the Buddha.

I cursed you to death. After being silent for a minute, I suddenly sighed and said I'm sorry.

when I fell to the bottom of my relationship, I relied on Lao Yan's extremely rational analysis that I was able to remain efficient in a depressed mood.

and sometimes I don't understand why a person who can make a good analysis of love can't have a perfect relationship.

maybe it's because the truth is wrong, or maybe it's because it's useless to know more in a relationship.

Laoyan edited more than 80 customized wishes last night, totaling more than 1800 words, and finally did not dare to send a single word of blessing to his ex-girlfriend.

I took a look at Lao Yan's blessing to others. Several of them are silly things like you want to be happy, find someone who loves you and so on. I don't know whether he said it to those people or to the one who couldn't see it.


A Guo has been secretly in love with that boy for more than a year. When they were in the department, they played very well and always went out to eat and watch movies together. Blabla. I sometimes study in the classroom in the middle of the night and can see two people walking around.

for a moment I almost thought they were going to be together, but in the end, it was a little worse.

for some reason, the boy confessed his love together less than a month after he knew another girl. When Lao Yan and I sneered at the scum man, Ah Guo kept explaining to him and said, "I didn't express my love either." It must be because I like it so much that we are together so soon. "

Lao Yan shook his head and said that everyone is self-willed and looks like a child.

later, the boys would still ask Ah Guo out to see a movie and take a walk, but A Guo refused one by one. She said she did it because she didn't want to disturb the relationship between him and his girlfriend.

slowly, the two people are less in touch.

so in the end, I liked it for more than a year. Even a blessing, Ah Guo had to secretly get it by giving likes to moments.

I looked at the boy a little seriously, A Guo deliberately perfunctory chat records, really want to encourage her to pry into the corner. Finally, looking at some happy and some sad, she still did not open her mouth.


the last story is not about love, but about a long-time friend.

I had a good time with a girl when I was in junior high school. I had a good relationship and tacit understanding so that I could guess what the other person's next sentence was. Only later, because of some discord, we deleted friends from each other.

one day when I talked to Lao Yan about her, I had to admit that I had made a mistake at that time. I wanted to apologize to her, but I felt a little abrupt and embarrassed. In order to have an excuse to add her back, I said roll the dice, resign to fate, even plus odd.

the result is an even number. After I breathed a sigh of relief, the old face laughed at me: "if it is odd, you will definitely throw it again."

I shrugged. After we added it back, we chatted for a word or two, and everyone tacitly did not mention the past.

but just because you find what you've lost doesn't mean you can go back to being intact.

when I realized that it would be very difficult for us to go back to the way we were, I suddenly dared not take another step forward. Then they have to put each other in a position where they feel safe and embarrassed when they think about it.

this is what I do, so is Ah Guo, and so is Lao Yan.

in the face of people who were once too good to go crazy and can never go back for various reasons, every word is like spitting out memories, chewing them again and then swallowing them bitterly again.

but in any case, even if no one can turn back in the end, it is still true that I want to wish you well. So when every fireworks explodes in the sky, I still secretly say in my heart:

Happy New year. I wish you happiness.

good night.