It's so cold today. Are you warmer?

/March 2023


it's so cold. Hug


Editor /Zhiyuan

Last Saturday night on the subway back to the dormitory, I brushed into my friend's circle of friends who had just sent 13 messages. "I really want to die." I commented on what happened, and later I swiped it again and found that I couldn't see the moments.

I clicked on his dialog box and sent him the sentence "what are you doing?" What's the matter? "

I watched the dialog box change to "the other party is typing." and five minutes later he replied, "it's all right."

after getting off the subway, I dialed 13. As soon as the phone got through, I heard him say, "I'm fine, what are you doing?" "Oh, I'm fine. What are you doing?" I laughed as I listened, and the voice on the other end of the phone grew louder and louder.

20 minutes later, I went to his place with a bag of beer and snacks.

that night, he drank until he huddled on the sofa and cried bitterly. He said he had sent a lot of resumes. He was brushed in the first round of the only two interviews, and he thought he was really rubbish. I sat on the ground and talked with him until after three o'clock.

the next day he asked me why I came to accompany him.

I asked him if he remembered when we were chatting under the teaching building a hundred days before the college entrance examination, he shook his head.

"I remember that I was under a lot of pressure and happened to be lovelorn. You sat with me on the bench under the teaching building for a long time, and it was cold to death. It was windy when I got out of the subway last night, and I thought of it again, so I came. "

he said he didn't expect it to get colder recently, but he was warmed by himself three years ago.

I said yes, I just realized that it's easy to warm others and warm yourself.

now I think that I am often sent a "warm man card", probably because I am too afraid of the cold. The weather has become much colder recently, so last night we collected a topic backstage on "the warmest thing everyone has ever done in winter".

want to see what's the warmest thing you've ever done, and see if you can feel warmer because of it.

@ Miracle

I always wanted to be a very warm person like my father, so recently I tried to do something very similar to him. On Thanksgiving Day, my roommate, as a department minister, had to stick to the stall of departmental activities and never went back to my dormitory. I didn't go back to my dorm until dark. I got up, got dressed vaguely, ran downstairs, took a hot water bag and ran downstairs to dress carefully. Then I checked again and again that there was no leakage and put it in my arms, then ran to her side and gently stuffed the hot water bag to her and then shivered and went back to the dormitory to eat, although it was very humble, but I thought I must have been very gentle at that moment.

Ah, Zheng

asked her what she wanted for Christmas before Christmas. She said, if you want me, I smile and say she's stupid.

rushed back to her house on Christmas Day and hid in her room while she took a bath. When she got to the room, I said, come on, what do you want me? I want something. She cried with a smile.

she is the best friend.

@ Artsy

I ran from Zhuhai to Guangzhou late at night just because my girlfriend said she was sad

@ El gato

when I was in the third year of high school, I heated hot water for my deskmate and two old friends every day. Occasionally I was late, and my old friends would help me get hot water, warm my hands and my heart. I hope you have a warm winter

@ hering

knitting scarves for grandma is the most heartwarming thing for me. Before it snowed in Dongguan last year, I was in a hurry to tie the scarf and give it to Grandma. 68 this year, she loved me very much, but the old man was afraid of the cold, so she thought of knitting a scarf for Grandma and gave it to Grandma. From that day on, she wore a scarf and told everyone in the neighborhood that the scarf was woven by her precious granddaughter.

@ Wang Ze Peng

I remember that there was a very cold winter in my junior high school. I was impressed by that year because of a little thing.

at that time, I was still young and didn't have much money. When I went out with the girl I had a crush on, I had to choose a place like the library, pretending to study and secretly take a peek at her.

after the library is closed, I will take her home.

We talked a lot along the way, but because I was thin-skinned, I buried my face in my scarf all the way.

when she was less than two bus stops away from her home, she said, "it's so cold today. My hands are cold."

foolishly, I bowed my head and said, "Yes, it's cold."

then she tentatively stretched out her hand and asked me, "aren't you going to do something?"

at that time, I was confused. I really didn't know what to do. Finally, I plucked up my courage, gently touched her finger and said, "it's a little cold."

then I silently withdrew my hand. She suddenly grabbed my finger in mid-air, and then she put my hand very close to her and gasped and said, "your hand is colder than mine."

I felt an electric current passing from the top of my head to the foot. Looking at her carefully covering my hand, I just thought she was really pretty.

later, when I put my hand in my pocket every winter, I always think of her. I don't know if anyone will say to her, "your hands are colder than mine."

@ eel whale

he uses the same music player, which has a daily recommended playlist every day, which automatically matches according to your recent listening preferences.

it rained a while ago. When I was writing in the school coffee shop, I received a Wechat post from him saying, "I miss you." I said "mm-hmm". He asked, "do you miss me?"I looked at the heavy rain outside the floor-to-ceiling window and replied, "I'll let you know next time."

A minute later I called a taxi and arrived at his school in an hour. On Wechat, he said, "it's raining hard". He said, yeah, you're all right, just stay in the dorm and don't go out.

I smiled and replied, "but no matter how heavy the rain is, I can't help it. I'm downstairs."

I miss you, but I miss you because I want to tell you in person.

I wonder if you feel any better after reading the short stories above.

when it first snowed in Beijing a few days ago, I received small videos and photos sent to me by my friends in Beijing. I like snow very much, but I have never seen it before.

before I went my separate ways, my friend in Beijing told me that he would take a good look at the snow for me. It warms my heart to think that he should take the joke so seriously at that time.

I sometimes think it's good to be alone, but when I receive warmth from people around me and strangers, I get lucky: fortunately, I'm not really alone.

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this is also one of my favorite reasons for winter, because the weather is very cold, so the inner warmth becomes extremely obvious.

are you cold today too? Is there anyone warming your hands?

good night.