Let's talk about 996.

/March 2023

I heard about the students of that school when I was in college.

when I was 20 years ago, some friends unfortunately left.

actually my first reaction is not to work overtime, not 996.

you have to fucking take care of your body.

it is OK for us to criticize, satirize and protest.

at least snack yourself.

really take some time to practice.

can definitely double your poor physical fitness.

is the premise of being alive.

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after the incident came out,

I also saw a lot of purely rational comments.

everyone always feels that they have to fight.

migrant workers are self-involved, internal competition,

work is really hard,


the rest are things that I think are important but don't know if I can change them.

can we of this generation have time to solve our own spiritual needs?

what can we do with this situation ourselves?

A boss who has started his own business

has worked for several years.

I have found that if you want to reduce mental stress at work,

you should stop spending time making money for your boss.


you just need to measure whether your ability matches the market price,

and make plans and efforts to do so.

I do suggest you try this idea.

does not mean that you are told to come out and work alone right away.

to give a real example,

but the newcomer still chooses to leave because of the intensity of the work.

newlyweds work outside by themselves, and

people are like this.

you do it for yourself.

but at least not complaining about life.