"Let's wait and see."

/March 2023

after the news of the first "special medicine" Shuanghuanglian was released, many people, like my mother, seemed to grasp the straws and went downstairs all night to line up to buy.

my mother snatched back a few boxes that night, and I drank them for three days in a row.

my mother quietly put away the little blue bottles in the light.

later, when the news of Redsevir got out, my mother said to herself with her cell phone that she would not make a mistake to buy this Ruiwei this time.

there are so many "specific drugs" in this world that in the end their only special effect is to make people no longer believe all the news.


on the day I returned to Guangzhou, I stood in line for a taxi at the airport. When I was in line, before I could get on the bus, the driver rolled down the window and explained to me that he had seasonal wheezing and could take the back car if he liked.

after getting on the bus, I saw him ask another passenger, which was also directly refused. Finally, the empty car left, and the car I took followed him out of the airport.

even though it was still raining in Guangzhou that day, my driver immediately rolled down the window and went on driving without saying a word.

when I felt wet and cold, I suddenly felt how terrible it was to be labeled with the epidemic at the moment.

during the epidemic period, whether a person coughs or not becomes very important.

because "negative" has become the safest choice during this period.


I didn't tell her the word "it must be false" in my heart.

so after receiving the message from my mother, I looked up the information for a long time, and even read a professional academic paper vaguely.

my mother replied to me, "Let's wait and see."

but at the moment of throwing it up, most people forget that there are actually two other results of the game.

at this point, I suddenly think of the driver who coughed.

after all, what is missing now is not the "bad results" that we are used to believing.

author /Dafu

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