Maybe we don't know enough about the disease.

/March 2023

at the time of writing this article, the first case has just been confirmed in our district.

my father solemnly said the news at the dinner table and forwarded me the source of the news, that is, the chat record of "Don't go to a supermarket again, it is said that there is a case there." tell me not to go out.

in fact, young people who often surf the Internet are well aware that in this kind of psychological and physical chaos, the credibility of the so-called chat screenshots is very low, while parents are not. They often believe it if they can't verify it immediately, forming a perfect chain of rumor dissemination.

when I refreshed the real-time case data on Weibo with the idea of refuting him, I found that the corresponding figures had also been released by the authorities. I was stupefied for a moment:

the sense of crisis that has been quick for more than ten days tells me that verifying the authenticity of the news is not all, and every numerical change is worthy of further vigilance. What does this number represent and how it may develop in the future? All these questions need to be considered about what more our family can do on the original basis.

it can range from 0 to 1, from 1 to 100, and the trajectory of the past half month has fully proved this.

on the other hand, my father, who was just making an impassioned speech, had diverted his attention from the epidemic and had a video call with his grandmother's family, expressing dissatisfaction with my decision not to go to New year's greetings. He stressed that it was not his own idea, and he really wanted to go.

I was a little confused at that moment. I saw a lot of parents in him. They positioned themselves as the disseminators of the news, not the recipients of the news. To them, the change of the epidemic was like a text assigned to them. The end of the reading is the end, and the follow-up thinking is absent.

this is why they may be serious, but not afraid in nature.

being serious is to play the role of a parent, while not being afraid is the carelessness of the event itself and the increasing numbness in the group panic.

they leave the burden of thinking to others, including experts, journalists, and children who are exposed to more anxiety factors on the Internet.


it can be said that it is self-insecurity that provides a new perspective for the epidemic, which is more specific and vivid than the data scrolled on television, and therefore resonates with countless ordinary families in one way or another.

We may not feel the grief of infection among the people around us, but isn't it worth being afraid of the desolation of looking out of the window, the emptiness of vegetable shelves in the supermarket, the repeated steps of wearing masks and hand washing and disinfection by family members day after day, and countless individual positions that only strive for the number 0 not to rise to 1?

I didn't quite understand this statement before. It doesn't make sense to equate concrete and steel urban buildings with urban residents who strictly abide by the rules of commuting to and from work as a mirage.

but this epidemic illustrates the theory in a destructive way: when people can't go anywhere, when buildings except residential buildings become furnishings, when all kinds of public transport and security measures stop operating, cities will no longer exist, and all previous personal and social accumulation will be severely damaged.

it has witnessed those figures that still wander the streets late at night, absorbs countless anger and fear that can't sleep over and over again, and will bear the long-term negative effects of the chain of various industries. It will be so heavy and precious in your eyes that the sun shines and the traffic flows have a new meaning, and you are eager for them to cure these weather-beaten cities, even on the surface. Even if it takes a long time.

the subject in this sentence is the whole city, which means that people pray not only to every individual, but also to the daily atmosphere in the city that is temporarily absent from order.

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that mood is called

May you be the same every day in the future.

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