Most of the first social lessons for young people come from landlords:

/March 2023

to be honest, it feels pretty good.

different from their peers, graduates face the double anxiety of finding a house and finding a job.

it's not like you're in a hurry to get something for nothing without looking for a room.

after seeing the dark rooms in the city center and the remote neighborhoods that commute for two hours.

I remembered that I had a more convenient and secure choice.

the other party is the mother of a friend of mine who has been a landlord in the village in the city for three years.

after receiving the phone call, she was also very enthusiastic and showed me all the vacant rooms in her hand.

"you can choose whichever room you want. They are all of their own, so don't worry about staying with me. "

I looked at the environment around me, and the only trace of hesitation left was diluted by her enthusiasm.

there is no need to cover everything as soon as you graduate, and it doesn't seem to be very long to rent for two years.

so I signed a contract, moved, and lived upstairs on the same day.

being neighbors with acquaintances in a strange city can produce many warm moments.

when I get off work early, I often go to her house after taking a shower and play games with my friends.

she often asks me to have dinner with me on weekends and holidays, and I send her some specialties sent by my parents from time to time.

after she bought the mask at the beginning of the epidemic, she sent me a bag on the same day.

even if the environment is worse and water and electricity are more expensive, I still feel very lucky. At least with her, I can get more care.

but I gradually realized that what she called "care" seemed a little different from the "care" I imagined.

at first it was often noisy downstairs until the early hours of the morning. I slept lightly and wanted her to help persuade me, but she said it was all the neighbors who put up with it.

then she did not consult with me and piled up the old furniture in my corridor, which made it difficult for me to get home.

later, when I was copying the electricity bill, I found that she filled in a little more on purpose.

later, the intimate clothes I hung on the public balcony were frequently cut.

I wanted to see the corridor monitor, but she said they were all furnishings; when I called the police, she stopped me and said, "pay attention to yourself, do your aunt a favor, and don't make a fuss."

it was only at that moment that I realized that living here was no guarantee of safety even if I was given extra attention.

you think the other person should take care of it, and the other person thinks you should take care of it.

when the most basic needs are cared for, the "friendship" changes.


my friend heard about it after work that night and came to talk to me in private:

"Don't take it too seriously. I blamed her for you." In fact, my mother told me that according to their rules, there would be no refund until the lease was returned. "

but I didn't know until I moved into a small room in a formal intermediary.

but if the relationship between the two parties involves interests, it is not so easy to exchange your heart for your heart.

you just stepped on a thunder of life early and suffered what you will suffer later.

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