Please accept the gentle moments of these six boys:

/March 2023

I found that there seemed to be an invisible tacit understanding between them-

I was tired for a while, the girl unscrewed the water cap and handed it over, and the boy bowed his head and took a sip.

just wait while playing, and it rained for a while, but it didn't make people feel impatient from dusk to evening.

We have found six gentle stories about love. Tonight, let's sour into lemon essence:

@ Hei Tea

the crowded carriage smells of food, perfume and sweat.

just then, the boy in front put his backpack down and put it on the instep of his foot.

I leaned silently towards him, and the smell beside him smelled good.

hee hee, I also work in the guest village.

@ Alex

but he smiled and said, "he has a good appetite."

however, he took the initiative in one fell swoop: "you don't have to pay, why don't you buy me dinner, too?"

then we ate a lot of meals together and got together.

@ Cola

the most important thing is uneasiness that can't be touched, and it's easy to collapse because of trifles.

as for him, he tells stories with cadence, like a kindergarten teacher.

the quality of sleep doesn't necessarily improve, but when the whole world is forcing you to grow into an adult, someone always treats you like a child. strong>

I quarreled with that stuffy gourd last night.

but when I recalled the past bit by bit on the way back, I began to regret:

I was tearing my shoes and kicking the stones by the side of the road, and I was about to cry.

he drove up to me and rolled down the window:

"go home, I bought strawberries."

@ Momo


full of food, authentic, and sweet enough.

when I went to buy sugar water after rain, I found that the landlady who rarely cooks wanted to make sugar water, while the always calm boss rushed to drive the landlady out of the kitchen.

there happened to be a rainbow that day, which probably confirmed that this is the feeling of envy in our eyes.

it's okay to play games, just express your love.

I met him in the game.

I have always been very fond of the gentle master of the male master in this game. I was doing the task of the male master of the strategy that day, and I was close to the last step, but I was interrupted by a phone call from him. Over and over again, when I was bored, I said, "be quiet, I like it!"

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after that, I cleared my ears for several days. But after a long time, I began to feel sick. I was just about to transfer to Wechat poke, who knew he suddenly went online, sent a team, and came up with a sentence:

"ha? Is this a confession of love? "

the above six stories are six copies of "gentleness" obtained when we interviewed the players of Flower and Sword mobile games. These six tenderness epitomizes the warmth of love.

if there is a rainbow, we believe that in the "Flower and Sword" mobile game, you will be able to find your own gentle memory.


the dull and boring man around him had so many gentle moments.

are all mutual, nourishing all things in silence.

I only occasionally wonder if it will be him in the future. Is it really so appropriate?

it's strange that I didn't feel any regret when she said that.

because goodness is mutual, and so is gentleness.