Please pay attention to me, please.

/March 2023

but because of the grinding details of life.

the night I came up with this idea, it was supposed to be a happy Friday.

the cause of the quarrel is only because when we were walking past IKEA to the cinema, he saw a Lego display and dragged me in without saying a word.

he smiled at me and said, "it's all advertisements at the beginning, it doesn't matter."

but this is not the first time this has happened-

A Canyon game delayed going out, saw the toy hands forget the beginning of the movie, and delayed the original itinerary due to funny things.

therefore, the answer in the girl's mind is more affirmed:


that night, I was coaxed by him as usual and pretended to be happy to go home.

but I didn't expect that the time between emotional outbursts would be so short.

he touched his head and explained, "Oh, I forgot."

every time I take a bath, I turn on the electric water heater to facilitate him to take a bath; I remind him to clean up on time when the size of the house is clean; I put his dirty clothes on the side and put them in the washing machine.

in the past, I would shout out that sentence in a violent tone: "Please care about me, will you?" Trying to win his attention on me by quarrelling.

he is silent.

I'm trying to manage what I look like about the future, but I find that there is no response. All of a sudden, all my strength seems to have been drained.

No matter how hard a person tries, he or she can only get 50 points in the end.

the difficulties of life will not stop for half a minute because you are depressed.

finally, facing the customer's fifth rejection, I couldn't help crying in the company conference room.

"Gift, for you." He pulled me into the house and pointed to Lego on the table.

what's on the table is the new IKEA and Lego joint product we saw on the Ikea display shelf on Friday night. the series is cleverly designed with a storage box with building blocks inside.

listening to his words, I thought of the birthday present he had prepared for me in advance, the details of being taken care of in my life, and the reason I was with him was that I thought he was very good at taking care of me.

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the so-called "mature" and "naive" are just because of the different angles of the station.

in fact, we are all using our own ways to make our lives better, more considerate, and more concerned about each other's feelings.

so we accuse each other of being naive and self-centered.


on weekend afternoons, we played a game with building blocks--

it turns out that there are a lot of differences in our ideas for a "future home".

I want the swimming pool to be built on the first floor, and he thinks it would be more romantic to build the swimming pool on the roof.

I like to build my home in a box and enjoy the quiet. He likes to put his life outside and share it with everyone.

that afternoon, the two adults chatted frankly in front of the building blocks like children.

from the beginning, opposing each other's "childish" ideas, to the "house" can each have a world and tolerate each other. The "maturity" and "childishness" of each other have reached a wonderful balance.

in the past, we all thought that the cleanliness of the home and the scattered toys were a conflict. It was not until a new combination of them appeared that we realized that

BYGGLEK Beeglick series can not only put down the requirements of adults for home acceptance, but also meet the needs of children for playful nature.

it is precisely because there is room for "allowing childishness" behind that the maturity in front of the body appears to be more powerful.

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