Please watch the super A moment of these four girls:

/March 2023

after every weekend date, I always take the latest bus back.

and just that day, I missed it.

"now we have to stay up all night in Internet cafes." I said.

she froze for a moment, thought for a moment, and firmly arched me into a taxi.

in fact, it's not that I haven't thought about taking a taxi, but it was the end of the month and I just finished my date.

there are only eighty yuan left in my pocket, while a taxi costs more than a hundred.

in the car, I was ready to keep an eye on the meter, and when it jumped to eighty, I got off immediately.

Let girls stop drinking, sometimes it's not shameful.

set up a "game of life and death" with friends I haven't seen for a long time.

four people, four cases of beer, open at night.

in the wee hours of the morning, there is only one glass of wine left in everyone's glass.

but I know in my heart that if I drink that glass of wine, it will immediately become a "human fountain".

the girlfriend sitting next to me understood my state, smiled and told her friend that she was too sleepy and was going to take me away.

Be beautiful, stylish and outstanding when in our formal dress store in king of prussia mall. This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

her friend also exposed her with the same smile: "Don't try to go, the last drink, just finish it."

I never thought of her not drinking. Without saying a word, I picked up the glass of wine and drank it.

her throat was still surging when she put down the cup and turned to look at me.

because of suppressing vomiting, there are tears in my eyes.

@ A Yan