Relax, friends:)

/March 2023

"it just saves time. That hairstyle is too troublesome to take care of."

however, as I said at the beginning, some emotions cannot be hidden.

your eyes will avoid even if you don't say anything. That kind of sense of loss will also run out of the back.


but in my opinion, "lost" is not a derogatory term.

because the premise of loss is that you have really worked hard for one thing.

these two sentences are what the product department has always wanted to do.

but also because of "too much want", and fell into a "suffocating effort".


maybe it was suppressed by the epidemic for too long. After work that day, several people went to the lake to get some air.

he may have been silent for a long time.

taking this circle of friends as an opportunity, we are able to rethink what we can do as a "friend" in this repressive environment.

neither seems to be.

when I think of this, the direction is clear.

breathe hard.

to present this concept in a special visual way.

goldfish, bubbles in water, and plastic packaging.

in addition to struggling, we can still find a more comfortable way to work hard.

this time, we have added a new English printing design.

the difference is that this time the missing stroke is more like a "hard growth" from the original stroke.

two printed T-shirts use 100% cotton.

just to make us feel "refreshed and breathable" when we wear it in summer.

after all, the mask is uncomfortable enough, so when it comes to wearing it, you still have to return to freshness.

this time, I want to hand over the most complete work to you.

such as collision color splicing pvc satchel in the following picture.

but considering that some readers have the habit of reading tweets the next day, it is decided that will extend the discount period by one day to 24:00 on May 1st.

maybe many people have experienced similar troughs:

after failing the interview, they suspect that they are not suitable for this job at all;

relax, friends.

author /Tan Min

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