Say a few words to all the messy people.

/March 2023


"Why don't they listen to me when they are out of concern?"

but in fact, many people do not express the point "I care about you" when they express it. They are just popularizing science and educating.

when I talk to my parents about this, they will also say to me, "there is no case in Dongguan now. What are you afraid of?"

my father entered ICU because of appendicitis during the Spring Festival two years ago, so after hearing me say this, my parents did not continue to refute it.

trouble is a little troublesome, but it's not much trouble, is it?

when I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is to open the cluttered backstage to see how many readers are from Wuhan and find that there are nearly 20,000, which is really beyond my expectations.

if you are in the center of the whirlpool, you must have mixed feelings.

but in any case, I hope you can persevere and not be affected by that kind of boring online remarks.

of course, the premise discussed above is "before the city is closed". After the closure of the city, it would be good for everyone to follow the arrangement.

the more critical times like this, the more we should try to filter all the information we see, so as not to allow wrong or biased messages to continue to flood.

finally, tell me how you feel these days.

but this kind of "emptiness" has long been accustomed to by us, so everyone will go out less at this time, and then invite friends and classmates to come home to drink and play cards.

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there has been much discussion, and everyone has reached a consensus of "try not to go out".

by the way, there are also fruit shells and lilac doctors, which are good platforms.

Note: today's thoughts will be fully remembered.

I do not know why, there is a sentence has been ringing in my ears,

"of all things, hope is the most beautiful".

Song /NOT