/March 2023

I don't know if it's because I've been single for too long. When A Xin met him for the first time, he asked him if he wanted to go to the movies.

he said in amazement, "OK, I'll buy the ticket."

he is not stupid either. Through the atmosphere in the cinema, he took A Xin's hand at the most thrilling time of the movie, but A Xin held it more tightly than he did.

it was not until the lights in the field came on that the two of them let go as if they had suddenly realized.

"is it good?" Ah Xin asked.

he looked at Ah Xin and tried to give some level opinions, but his hands were shaking unconsciously. He took a deep breath, then looked at her chin and said, "it's fine."

Let nature take its course, after watching a few movies and eating a few meals, they got together.

I scolded Ah Xin: "isn't this too fucking fast?"

she smiled and said, "I like it."

A Xin is a lovely girl, but she has been in love with a boy for four years, but she can't get the answer she wants. According to her words, it is: "I broke up with him, ambiguous, have tried dating, but have not tried to fall in love."

she's not a spare, because I know that man, too. Her name is Daming.

I asked him what was going on with Ah Xin.

he said, "I like her, but I don't think we fit."

I was extremely dismissive of this so-called "fit" theory. I said, "get out, you rely on others to like you more, and then unilaterally decide that you two are not suitable. Think for yourself. Why is your relationship decided only by you?"

Daming said, "I know her better than anyone."

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if he wasn't my good friend, I would have beaten him a long time ago, but he happens to be a good friend I've known for nearly ten years.

We couldn't convince each other that night, and finally he said, "Don't say anything tonight."

I was about to retort, but I saw the red silk in his eyes and replied, "mm-hmm."

I went to high school with Daming, and A Xin was our classmate. At that time, in fact, three years ago, Ah Xin could not hide her loveliness in her school uniform. But she likes the timid Daming, how pitiful.

every time A Xin wants to ask him out, he will come to me. Well, I'm the backup for both of them.

A Xin likes to watch horror movies. No matter how bad the reviews on Douban are, every time the three of us go to the cinema, she always cries to see them first. I am a person with a passion for movies, and I won't watch this kind of bad movie even if you buy me popcorn. And Daming, too timid, smiled and said that he could not understand Ah Xin's preferences.

in the end, the two of them still couldn't beat me, watching those films that had a good reputation but were also very boring.

later I learned that A Xin didn't like horror movies at all. She just wanted to pretend to be scared in the cinema and then take the opportunity to put her arms around Daming.

but it's too late, because I've found someone to watch boring movies with me. And Daming, as always, thinks that A Xin likes to watch horror movies.

I forgot who told me that if you don't want to break up with good friends, don't interfere with their emotional world. Whether it's love, friendship, or affection.

when Axin and the first husband first began to be together, it was October of 16 years, but she did not show the ecstasy she should have in her moments.

her moments are still full of selfies, food and music. It's just that there is a slight difference, and there are more positions at the bottom of each moments. From Xinghe City in Dongguan to Zhengjia Square in Guangzhou, and even some online celebrity restaurants that even I know, such as the Star Merlot in Tianhuan.

A Xin is not an ostentatious person unless she wants to tell people who care about her something.

looking back at Daming's Wechat, the last time I sent it was during the summer vacation, when he and I went to the beach with A Xin.

Last night after 12:00, I received Wechat from Daming.

he asked me, "where is it?"

before I could reply, he added: "would you like to have midnight snacks?"

I didn't reply to Daming immediately, but clicked on Ah Xin's profile picture. She sent a circle of friends, which probably means "I don't have to spend the holiday alone at last, thank you for your gift, and you." Then there is a picture of a necklace and a group photo below.

an hour later, Amin asked me what I would like to drink, and I said, "recently, I want to add Duobao."

he ordered a table of dishes, fried field snails, three-shredded fried noodles, cold beef, spareribs pot, and a pot of chicken porridge. I asked him, "is anyone else coming?"

he said no.

he asked me, "have you seen that man?"


-"how are you?"

-"better than you."

if I knew that a big man like Daming would cry in public after saying those four words, I wouldn't say it. But I couldn't help scolding him: "you just deserve it, aren't you?" It dragged on him for so many years. "

by this time, remorse is useless. There are some things you think no one wants, it doesn't matter if you leave it, it doesn't matter if you don't care, it just stays there anyway. But you have to understand, "stay" and "wait" are two different things.

Last night we ate until 02:40. Before I went to bed, I scanned my moments. Daming sent a message, he said: "get me lucky, lose my life."

I replied: "disgusting."

I asked Ah Xin today: "has it been announced?"

she said, "No?"

-"of course, don't you like Daming?"

-"I like it."

-"Ah, how is that?All right. "

-"who knows I like him but you? And can't one person like two people at the same time? I also like Tony Leung. Besides, what I like most now is my boyfriend. "

suddenly found that A Xin actually knows better than anyone that some likes are not doomed to succeed, or even have no chance of failure. Instead of living with impossible feelings, it is better to give others a chance, as well as give yourself a chance, so that you can find a more suitable person.

I like a line from "vulgar novel" that goes like this: "self-esteem only hurts people, not helps them."

that's true.