Six months after I resigned, I met 10 blind dates.

/March 2023

after getting my affirmative answer, my mother introduced me to several boys with great motivation and wanted me to meet one by one.

even former colleagues said: "if finding a partner is a job, you are now working full-time."

I try to recall ten faces that have briefly intersected with me, and the only description I can think of is:

it's just that these ordinary people have made me see myself more clearly in 1/3 places of my life.

"how much do you know about me?"

"do you often go on blind dates?"

during the next two hours of eating and walking, the other person will still seize every opportunity to ask some purposeful questions.

"if you don't know where you are, go around the blind date corner."

the "disadvantages" in life that we may not care about are magnified in the process of dating.

it's just that when I saw one of my blind dates carefully echoing me, for fear of making me unhappy, my mind changed.

and this kind of selection still exists in addition to blind dates.

after thinking this, I no longer have the past resistance and prejudice against blind dates. On the contrary, through contact with different people, I have more confirmed that I am the personality of the intimate relationship, and also see clearly my position in the marriage market.

in addition to the restaurant, the pavilion is also the place I often choose to go on a blind date

A friend and her partner met through a blind date.

when I heard the sweetness of her tone, I suddenly felt that blind date was similar to looking for a job.

but it's also possible to receive your ideal offer on a normal evening.

so it's time for us to change our attitude towards [blind date] .

but to me, dating is like a process of drawing a blind box. You may always be disappointed, but there is always a chance to find the right one.

moreover, many things in life are two-sided, and if you can't bear the bad side of it, it's hard to get the good part of it.

" Don't worry so much, as long as the result is good. "

these months, in addition to blind dates, I have also made a trip to the north

, but in my opinion, it is easier to find a job than to find a partner.

I hope you can find it.